Gigabyte P35G v2 Thin & Light Gaming Laptop Arrives

Gigabyte P35G v2

A new thin-and-light gaming laptop has arrived. US-based Excaliber PC has started selling the Gigabyte P35G v2, the second generation of the 15.6-incher. The P35G v2 has a full HD IPS screen, Intel i7 quad-core Haswell CPU, and the Nvidia GTX 860M 4GB video card. There are also 16GB of RAM and a plenty of internal hard drive and solid state drive capacity, thanks to a multi-bay storage system with up to 2 HDDs and up to 2 mSATA SSDs. In addition, it has an interchangeable DVD drive / HDD / SSD bay. The notebook is 1,599 with a 1TB HDD and 128GB mSATA SSD included.

The main update over the previous version is the GTX 860M instead of GTX 765M GPU. This brings 27-percent improvement in graphics performance according to the manufacturer. The included 860M is actually based on the older Kepler architecture instead of newer Maxwell. The latter can be found on some other 860M parts. Maxwell brings much better performance-per-watt ratio. But, the Kepler and Maxwell 860M perform about the same since the former has more computing cores – 1,152 versus 640.

Another update is use of the refreshed Intel i7 Haswell CPU, but this is a minor update. It’s the i7-4710HQ with 0.1GHz higher clock rate than on the old 4700HQ, so the new chip will provide only slightly performance boost.

All the components of the P35G v2 are packed in only 0.8″ thin chassis and the system weighs a tad more than five pounds.

As a side note, a version with the GTX 870M 6GB is expected to arrive soon. It’s the P35W. Also, we expect more P35G v2 configurations to hit the market.

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