HP 635 Cheap Business Laptop with AMD Inside Launched

Hewlett-Packard has rolled out another cheap business 15.6-inch laptop, this time with AMD’s technology.

HP 635The HP 635 looks the same as the Intel-based HP 630 and includes the AMD Zacate E-350 APU with dual 1.6GHz cores and Radeon HD 6310M graphics, or AMD Phenom II P360 2.3GHz or Phenom P650 2.6GHz dual-core processors paired with the Radeon HD 4250 GPU.

The notebooks come with 2 or 3GB of RAM, a 320GB hard disk drive, DVD burner, webcam, HDMI out, and Windows 7 Home or Pro OS. The screen is anti-reflective with a resolution of 1366-by-768.

According to the product page on Newegg, the battery life for the Phenom-powered HP 635 model is five hours, and we assume the Zacate-based model has even longer run time. and the laptop has a spill-resistant keyboard, which is an uncommon feature on low-cost notebooks.

Prices range from $400 to $550, depending on configuration.

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