AMD E-300, E-450 APUs Debut in Notebook Specs

AMD’s upcoming E-series E-300 and E-450 Accelerated Processing Units have started appearing in specifications of various notebooks.

They have made a debut in specs of the Acer Aspire 7250 which will come with either E-300 and E-450, while the latter is also present in the Dell Inspiron M102z, Asus K53BY, and HP Pavilion G4.

The dual-core APUs from “Zacate” family are made for use in entry-level laptop, netbook, and small form factor desktop configurations.

The AMD E-300 and E-450 run at 1.3GHz and 1.65GHz respectively and consume 18 Watts of power. They have 1MB of cache. In addition, the E-450 supports Turbo mode for dynamic boosting of CPU and/or GPU frequency. That’s the biggest update when compared to the old and similarly specced E-350.

The Turbo feature is also present in the previously leaked AMD “Ontario” C Series C-60 APU.

Laptops and netbooks with the new chips are expected to hit the market in September.


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