AMD E-450 & AMD Radeon HD 6320 Review with Benchmarks

The AMD E-450 is a refresh of the E-350 Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit, both aimed at cheap full-size notebooks, netbooks, and small form factor desktop computers.

AMD E-450, Radeon HD 6320 sticker
AMD E-450, Radeon HD 6320 sticker

AMD E-450 & AMD Radeon HD 6320 Specifications

The E-450 doesn’t bring any revolutionary improvement over the E-350, both belonging to the AMD “Zacate” E series. Its dual CPU cores are clocked at 1.65GHz versus 1.6GHz in the E-350. As for its ingegrated graphics, the E-450 includes the AMD Radeon HD 6320 instead of the 6210. The graphics refresh is the biggest improvement in the new APU. The 6320 GPU can run in Turbo mode, dynamically adjusting graphics clock speed in a range from 508MHz to 600MHz, in order to deliver better performance and lower power consumption.

Another upgrade is regarding memory clock. The E-450 supports up to 1333Hz RAM, versus previous maximal 1066Mhz. However, not many E-450-based laptops will be able to support the increased memory speed, because they come with 1066MHz memory modules.

Here are the specifications of the AMD E-450 with the Radeon HD 6320 graphics:

  • dual CPU cores at 1.65GHz, with 512KB of L2 cache per core
  • 80 graphics shader units; clock speed of 508MHz to 600MHz, adjusted by Turbo technology
  • UVD3 full HD video decoder
  • Thermal Design Power of 18W
  • 64-bit computing and virtualization supported
  • support for 1066 and 1333MHz memory
  • 40-nanometer production technology

Test System

Our test system is the recently reviewed Asus K53U 15.6-inch laptop with the AMD E-450, 4GB of DDR3 1066MHz RAM, a 500GB 5,400rpm hard drive, 1366×768 screen resolution, and Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

AMD E-450, Radeon HD 6320 Windows Experience Index
AMD E-450, Radeon HD 6320 Windows Experience Index

AMD E-450 CPU Performance Benchmark

The dual CPU cores are not fast, even when compared to budget-class Intel counterparts, such as the latest Celeron processors. On the other side, it is faster than the fastest Intel Atom processor – the N570, and is way better in terms of performace than the 8W “Ontario” C-series AMD APUs.

AMD E-450 PassMark CPU Benchmark Score
AMD E-450 PassMark CPU Benchmark Score

AMD Radeon HD 6320 Gaming Graphics Benchmark

The AMD E-450 with its AMD Radeon HD 6320 integrated graphics is good for playing older, less hardware demanding games, such as Quake 4 or Half Life 2: Lost Coast. You can play Quake 4 at 1280×720 resolution at High Settings at 45 frames per second. Half Life 2 at laptop’s native resolution of 1366×768 with all settings set to max, including anti-aliasing and anti-strophic filtering, scores 42fps. With AA and AF disabled, it scores 46fps.

Newer games which require better hadrware specs – like Crysis, Lost Planet 2, and Far Cry 2 – are playable only on minimal settings at 1280×720. Crysis at its lowest settings runs at 26fps on average, while for Lost Planet 2 and Far Cry 2 it’s 24 and 23fps, respectively.

AMD E-450 Radeon HD 6320 PassMark GPU Benchmark Score
AMD E-450 Radeon HD 6320 PassMark GPU Benchmark Score

HD 1080p Video Decoding

One of the important features on the E-450 is the Unified Video Decoder 3, which provides hardware decoding of high-definition videos. Without it, HD video decoding would throttle the CPU cores, but with it the CPU load during decoding increases only between 6 and 14 percent. So, with the APU, you have ample of processor capacity for other tasks and smooth full HD video playback.

Conclusion About AMD E-450 & AMD Radeon HD 6320

This single-die CPU/GPU combination is good for usual computer tasks, which doesn’t demand high-end hardware. The E-450 is good for Web, e-mail, light work in office suites, and fully supports 1080p video playback thanks to the UVD3. It’s Radeon HD 6320 integrated graphics is good for playing older game titles. It is also possible to play newer games, but only on lowest settings. When compared to the E-350, performance improvement exists, although it’s not big. However, the main advantage of the E-450 over many other chips is its affordability, enabling full-size laptop prices of as low as $400.

Written by Dan

On Laptoping, Dan writes about Windows-based laptop, 2-in-1, and tablet PCs.

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27 thoughts on “AMD E-450 & AMD Radeon HD 6320 Review with Benchmarks”

  1. 2020 y la sigo usando jeje, asus 1215b actualizada con 4 gb de ram disco sólido de 480 gb y windows 10 64 bits. Va muy bien para tareas como Office y videos en YouTube en hd x ej

    1. Acabo de adquirir una PC todo en uno de segunda mano con este procesado, también con 4gb de RAM. Imagino que los videos HD en Youtube son 720p, no? A mi me dió problemas con 720p60fps, fuera de eso el sistema trabaja bien con Windows 10 Home, última versión. Estoy buscando si hay manera de hace aunque sea un pequeño overclocking al CPU, y de cualquier modo voy a cambiar la versión de Windows 10, ya sea por Home o incluso un Mini OS.

    2. Así es Pablus. Tengo un equipo lenovo con ese procesador, 6 gb de ram y un SSD de 480 Gb. Debo mencionar que en un equipo con ese SO y las funciones más básicas anda bien, pero si se van agregando programas que consumen CPU constantemente, se pone muy lento.
      Mi recomendación es que usen disco SSD y para tareas básicas de ofimática (si usas Dropbox, Onedrive o similares, notas merma en tiempos de respuestas) y preocuparse que si usan programas de seguridad como antivirus, cortafuegos, etc, sean los que menos consuman CPU.
      Creo que un usuario tiene poco “espacio” para usar programas que hagan un uso intensivo de CPU, así que sólo usarlo en condiciones poco exigentes.


  3. How many ram slot for Asus X45U Amd E2 with Radeon 6320 HD? Is it only have single slot? Or?

  4. i cant rate and improve my computers performmence.
    it stopped working. what can i do to solve this problem.
    this may cause my graphic disturbence. like hd video is not very good to look at.

  5. This web site is mostly a stroll-by way of for all of the info you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll positively uncover it.

  6. I could play modern warfare 3 with the almost the same configuration, 4 gb ram at 1333, really good! A good laptop for usually internet matters, video and games! A lot of fun with it, for a few bucks!

    1. you can play it… only bad thing is that youll load very slow when you enter the game… another thing is you sacrifice fps if you decide to run any talking services… i run on medium settings at 60 frames at the most and w/ skype i run at 30 frames.

  7. hye a just have change from win7 h premiun to win7 ultimate aand my win xperience a just have 3.5 when my laptop was 3.9.sorry for my bad english…..any help???

  8. Regarding the price, both the E-350/450 are available for just under $300 from various brands and the most basic Liano the A-6 with 6250 graphics is available for just below $400 here in Canada…at these prices they represent serious value as both are made on leading edge processes: 40&32nm respectively. Both these APU’s are more than a match for anything INTEL can trow at them…to give you an idea the E-350 can easily hold it’s own against the 1st generation core i-3 series,so for day to day use it will leave any ATOM for dead! People need to buy this stuff as AMD is going through another difficult period…they need the $.

    1. at quote “to give you an idea the E-350 can easily hold it’s own against the 1st generation core i-3 series,so for day to day use it will leave any ATOM for dead!”

      I both this piece of crap and i was on full regret for buying AMD E-450. This brand of laptop sometimes lags and slow in booting up. no good for gamers and multitasks. I should have gone to core i series instead. :(

      1. The fact you bought this laptop for gaming just invalidates everything you said.

        And my E-450 boots within 4-5 seconds.

  9. I’m wondering how will it compare to the e350 in terms of battery life. I was satisfied with the graphics provided by that apu and the extra CPU on the 450 is well appreciated, but not if it interferes dramatically with battery life. So, any comment on this aspect?

    1. We hadn’t an E-350-based K53U counterpart to compare the two, but considering that both the E-350 and E-450 are 40nm chips and have the same TDP of 18W, I don’t think that there is much difference between the two when it comes to battery life. Also, CPU clock speeds and memory clocks are almost the same. There is a difference between the Radeon 6320 and 6310, because the former can run up to 108MHz faster, but that speed increases only under heavy graphics tasks, such as gaming. So, you can expect a slightly shorter battery life in gaming with the E-450, but also better video performance.

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