Asus 15.6″ Convertible is Coming (TP500L, J500L, R515L)

Asus TP500L, J500L, R515L Asus has prepared a new laptop or better said a new laptop form factor. It’s the first 15.6-incher with a 360 degree hinge. The Acer R7 and Lenovo Flex 15 with the same screen size are also convertibles, but they can’t be fully folded. The images of the laptop listed with three model names – TP500L J500L, and R515L – have leaked through FCC. They show the big-screen Windows convertible in the classic laptop and tablet modes. It’s not clear if it’s meant to be used also in the “stand” and “tent” modes like the Lenovo Yoga laptops. The hinge certainly allows that. Judging from the images, the TP500L / J500L / R515L appears to be constructed from aluminum. It looks sleek and resembles the shape of the MacBook Pro to some extent. Specifications are unknown at the time of this writing. So far we only know it has three USBs, HDMI, media card reader, Ethernet, Wi-Fi of course, and a dedicated numeric keyboard. The battery is non-removable.

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3 thoughts on “Asus 15.6″ Convertible is Coming (TP500L, J500L, R515L)”

  1. i have the asus TP500L and keep getting a message everytime i go on the internet which is ” there is a problem with this websites security certificate, the security certificte for this website has expired or is not yet valid” i thought it was a problem with internet explorer so i tried to download google chrome and i get an error message that says ” application download did not succeed check your network connection” but i checked and it is connected to my wifi properly.

    1. The invalid certificate problem often occurs if date and time settings on your PC are incorrect. To fix the problem set up date and time correctly.

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