Asus G74 Gaming Laptop Coming This Month, Gets Priced

ExcaliberPC, a US-based Asustek reseller, is often the first to offer a new Asus laptop model and that’s again the case this time with the long awaited Asus G74 mobile gaming rig.

Asus G74The G74 has a 17.3″ full HD display with optional 3D capability, the Intel Core i7 2630QM quad-core “Sandy Bridge” processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M video card with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM, four SODIMM slots for up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM memory, two hard drive bays, and THX TruStudio audio with stereo speakers and subwoofer.

The offered models are the G74SX-A1 and G74SX-3DE. Product specifications says the latter is equipped with a 120Hz 3D screen and Nvidia Vision 3D glasses kit. Both notebooks come pre-configured with 12GB RAM, dual 750GB HDDs spinning at 7,200rpm, and an 8-cell 5200 mAh battery. The A1 has a Blu-ray Combo drive, whereas the 3DE includes Blu-ray burner.

Regarding design, the Asus G74 looks simpler than the previous G73 series. It has a matte chassis, but we weren’t able to find out if the display is non-glossy, which would be a change over the previous version.

The laptop has an isle-style backlight keyboard, a tool-less removable bottom of the case for easy access to HDDs and RAM, and a new cooling system with dual fans.

It provides a 3D Vantage benchmark score of 10,000+ points in benchmark’s Performance mode, according to a comparison chart on the product pages.

The G74SX-A1 and G74SX-3DE run Windows 7 Home Premium and are priced at $1,745 and $1,979, respectively, with backpack and gaming mouse included. The estimated arrival time for both systems is June 28.

The first G74 review is now online. It’s done by Gaming Rig. (John, thanks for the tip.)


Note: This article was published on Mart 1st, and updated on June 17th, 2011.

10 thoughts on “Asus G74 Gaming Laptop Coming This Month, Gets Priced”

  1. I bought this last night at bestbuy who I detest by the way but it was quite a deal. Just put together my own desktop last month to run Rift on ultra. My hubbys computer died I said here take mine lets get me a notebook. This Asus G74 handles Rift on ultra and thats not easy to do on a laptop. It has all the bells and whistles and runs effortlessly for any Wow which lets face it isnt a real graphic challenge these days but Rift is and is extremely smooth and hasnt hung up or lagged at all. Im getting about 45 fps on ultra graphics so Im very happy. Had a Alienware, created just how I wanted sorry but this is better.

  2. The old version looked better in the back. It had a modern stealth fighter/Lamborghini look with clean lines. Now it looks like something made in the 80’s/90’s with the vent grilles.

  3. It looks much nicer than the G73, but for that money you can have a custom Clevo machine with way better specs.

  4. The guy who did the review doesn’t complain about the keyboard, just palm rejection on the trackpad could be better.

    P.S. The display is anti-glare.

  5. Very interesting, not bad, very comparable to their Automobili Lamborghini model. Can’t wait to see how the reviews stack up.

  6. Really can’t wait to see the first reviews. If the keyboard doesn’t work properly, frame rates just don’t matter.

  7. i hate the touch pad , but ill never used it , i have an external mouse to play , everything else is perfect

  8. Before they go ahead and cream themselves over all these “COOL NEW FEATURES”, let’s hope they figure out how to get the touchpad and keyboard working properly without dropping keystrokes.

    – Sent from my broken ass G73.


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