Asus N46 / N56 / N76 Multimedia Laptops to Deliver Ivy Bridge, Aluminum Design

Design of Asus N6 N46, N56, N76 Series
This is how design of the Asus N6 N46, N56, and N76 Series looks like.

Besides the gaming G5 series, Asustek had on the 2012 CES show the Asus N6 multimedia-oriented laptops on display.

As same as the G5, the N6 will be based on the 3rd-generation Intel Core Ivy Bridge processors. The notebooks will be offered with the Ivy Bridge Core i5 and i7, Nvidia GeForce 500-series GPUs (not 600-series?), and optional Blu-ray optical drives. They will be delivered in three screen sizes, like the current N5 with 14″ N45, 15.6″ N55, and 17.3″ N75. According to the naming scheme for the N series, their model names will be Asus N46, N56, and N76.

In the video below uploaded by the laptop maker, you can see one of these models. The laptop has a case made of aluminum on both base and lid, and the design is simpler, sleeker and more elegant than on the N5 series. Since it’s optimized for multimedia and casual gaming, it has a glossy display finish for richer colors. In addition, the sound system is developed by Bang & Olufsen. The keyboard is chiclet style, which is another difference when compared to the N5.

The N46 / N56 / N76 will arrive in late Q2 this year. Prices are currently unknown.

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17 thoughts on “Asus N46 / N56 / N76 Multimedia Laptops to Deliver Ivy Bridge, Aluminum Design”

        1. Luckily across the board they will all have same specs, meaning 1080p on all models including the 14″, which is a first.

            1. It’s already out for sales in Malaysia. Based on paper I read just now (harian metro). 15″ ASUS N56VM-S3022V price is MYR 3,599. You visit their booth at Pikom PC Fair. 04-06 Mei 2012.

              1. hi can you please let us know if you purchase 14″ and its price I really need one.. i already have n55sf.. but i need in 14″.

    1. I think yes, it should have external subwoofer. I see (in another video) the subwoofer yellow port on the left side of the pc, near the power adaptor port.

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