Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite NP905S3G-K02US Ultra-Thin 13″ AMD-Based Laptop

Samsung NP905S3G-K02US

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite NP905S3G-K02US 13.3-inch laptop doesn’t offer blistering performance nor extensive feature set, but it has certain advantages over some similar laptops in other areas, mostly design-wise.

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Samsung NP355V5C-A01UB AMD-Based Laptop for $400

Coming from the Samsung Series 3 lineup, the NP355V5C-A01UB is an all-purpose Windows 8 laptop with affordability and mid-tier specifications as main characteristics. The Samsung NP355V5C-A01UB is a little on the chunky side, which is normal for a full-size 15.6-inch laptop for $400. It is 1.3″ thick, weighs 5.1 pounds, and carries the mid-range AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M processor, standard 4GB DDR3 RAM, a generous in terms of size 750GB hard drive, and a DVD burner inside. The chassis is made of plastics with metallic-like finish in silver color.

Samsung NP355V5C-A01UB Keyboard Deck

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Samsung NP470R5E-K01UB & NP470R5E-K02UB ATIV Book 4 Slim Aluminum 15.6″ Laptops

The Samsung NP470R5E-K01UB and NP470R5E-K02UB models from the ATIV Book 4 15.6-inch laptop series are almost premium class notebooks. We say “almost”, because they don’t have a high-resolution display and keyboard backlight.

Samsung NP470R5E-K01UB and NP470R5E-K02UB ATIV Book 4

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Samsung NP300E5E-A01US Overview

Among budget laptops, what catches attention on the Samsung NP300E5E-A01US is its surprisingly svelte design. The device is made of plastics, but the back of the 15.6-inch LCD panel has brushed aluminum appearance. It’s silver colored, just like the palmrests and area around the black chiclet-style keyboard and comfortably large trackpad.

Samsung NP300E5E-A01US

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Samsung NP540U3C-A03UB

Samsung NP540U3C-A03UB

The 13.3-inch Samsung NP540U3C-A03UB touchscreen-enabled ultrabook brings a faster processor as the only upgrade over the previous A02UB model. Instead of the Intel Core i3-3217U at 1.8GHz, the NP540U3C-A03UB features the i5-3317U at 1.7GHz default and up to 2.6GHz in TurboBoost mode, which enables significant increase in performance over the i3.

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Samsung NP300E5E-A02US

Samsung NP300E5E-A02US

This is the Samsung NP300E5E-A02US, a standard 15.6-inch Windows 8 laptop PC with an Intel Core i3 processor. Offered for $430 in the US, the NP300E5E-A02US delivers the latest 3rd Gen i3-3120M dual-core chip at 2.5GHz clock speed, 4GB of RAM memory, a spacious 750GB hard drive, a DVD burner optical drive, and a island keyboard with numeric keypad, all packed into a simplistic and stylish silver-colored chassis with 1.25″ profile and weight of 4.9 pounds. This weight makes the Samsung more suitable for carrying around than the other similar laptops which usually weigh about 5.5 lbs.

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Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB

NP510R5E-A01UB 2

The Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB is a slightly different laptop if you compare it to the NP510R5E-A02UB. The 15.6-inchers belong to the thin-and-light notebook category with their profiles measuring 0.9″, aluminum cases, and no optical drives built-in. The NP510R5E-A01UB has an Intel Core i5 chip, while the latter sports an i7, but in reality both processors offer almost the same performance. That’s because the included i5-3230M is a full-voltage part, whereas the i7 CPU in the A02UB model is an ultra-low voltage chip with better power efficiency. You can check these out in the PassMark test chart below. Another difference is 6GB of RAM in the A01UB, down from 8GB, but both RAM amounts are more than sufficient for all daily tasks of the average user.

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