AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Budget Laptop Processor

The AMD Athlon Gold 3150U is a laptop processor you can typically find in affordable Windows-based notebooks. It can be classified as a lower-mid-range laptop processor that can handle the routine computing tasks very well. For heavier tasks recommended are at least mid-range processors, such as the AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i series.

The Athlon Gold 3150U performs similar to the more popular AMD Ryzen 3 3200 / 3250U. In the same Ahtlon lineup, AMD also offers the Athlon Silver 3050U, which is a slower variant.

AMD Athlon Gold 3150U CPU Benchmark

AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Benchmark

Note: The benchmark scores of the listed processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U and compared CPUs may vary depending on the notebooks' other components, settings, cooling, and other factors. However, the benchmark results are good indicators of the processors' performance.


Here are the most important specs of the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U:

Processor Name

AMD Athlon Gold 3150U

CPU Family

AMD Athlon "Raven Ridge"

Number of Cores

Dual-core / 2 computing threads per core

CPU Clock Speed

2.4 – 3.3 GHz

Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR4 (2400 MHz max. speed)

Integrated Graphics

AMD Radeon Graphics

Power Consumption


Production Technology


Typical Use

Affordable laptops & 2-in-1 PCs
Mainstream laptops & 2-in-1 PCs

Notable Technologies

Virtualization – allows the processor to run multiple operating systems simultaneously using virtual platforms

Year of Release


Published on September 12, 2020

User Reviews and Q&A

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Current rating: 3 out of 5 stars
  1. Question

    Jason Hunt

    how well does Athlon Gold 3150 work for Guitar amp sims and music production?

    • Dan

      For music production, I would suggest you a laptop with at least the mid-range-class Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 series CPUs. The entry-level Athlon Gold 3150 can be maybe sufficient for some light DAWs and VSTs and running only a few of them at the same time. In Ableton, I have used some heavier VSTs such as the Roland Cloud synths on an Core i5 and can say it can handle around 5 instances of it plus a few other lighter VSTs easily.

  2. Question

    Anas sabry

    I do not play demanding games but will games like rocket league run 60 fps or smoothly with 4gb ram with this processor?

    • Dan

      The Rocket League isn’t an overly heavy game, but the integrated graphics of this processor is on the weaker side. It seems realistic what this YouTube user was able to get running the game on the same CPU with 4GB of RAM. In short, you can get 60 fps on 720p resolution and anti-aliasing turned off. Turning AA on cuts the fps in half. Increasing the resolution to 1080p would also cut the fps in half, I assume.

      YT video:

  3. Question


    can this support windos 7

    • Doug R

      I have a HP 15 with this chip. It came with Windows 10 and had no trouble upgrading to Windows 11.

  4. Question


    Can i use twitch to stream games from my console with this?

    • Jeff

      Yes but it will be fairly slow to do this. You will be happier with a faster system

  5. Question

    Jacob J.

    Can I do coding decent in Visual Studio Code, if just using the program and maybe code interpreters along side?

    • Dan

      I would say yes. However, if code interpreting is similar to compiling (I’m not a programmer but I think it is similar) and you interpret a lot of code lines, then interpreting speed would be noticeably slower than on the mid-range CPUs like Intel Core or AMD Ryzen series.

      As for Visual Studio, the Athlon Gold 3150U can handle it decently well, although on the mid-range alternatives it would feel smoohter.

    • Anthony

      My laptop has this CPU. I have no problems running VS Code. It’s quite performant.

  6. Question


    I am looking at this laptop for students. It will be used for word, powerpoint, excel and teams (including video calls). Will this handle all that?

    • Dan

      Hi, the Athlon Gold 3150U is a decent entry-level processor for these light tasks. However, if you use multiple programs simultaneously, I would recommend one of the mid-range processors like the AMD Ryzen 5 / 7 or Intel Core i5 / i7.

  7. Question


    will this processor able to support blender?

    • Redmon

      Blender minimum requirements requires a quad-core. This does not meet spec. It might run it, but it will be a very bad experience as blender is VERY CPU intensive.

  8. Question


    Would this be an ok computer for a college freshman?

  9. Question


    Is it possible to use it to play Civilisation V?

    • DYN4MICc

      Yes, you can play civilization 5 (low-mid settings @ 720p) and at least 4GB ram

  10. Question

    Rahul Diwakar

    Can be used for learning programming?

    • Kaushlesh kumar

      Yes and even basic coding can be done.

    • Shubham

      Can I do graphic designing with this?

  11. Question


    Can I upgrade my laptop processor Athlon Gold 3150U to a Ryzen? Maybe a Ryzen 5? My laptop unit is Asus M509

    • Dan

      Hi, it’s not possible, unfortunately. Modern laptops don’t usually have upgradeable processors, including the Asus M509.

  12. Question


    can anybody recommend me a game for my laptop
    my specs:
    – AMD Athlon Gold 3150U with Radeon Graphics 2.40 GHz
    – 4GB RAM

    • Dan

      Among the popular ones League of Legends, Minecraft, and Sims come to mind. They are relatively light 3D games that an entry-level processor like the Athlon Gold 3150U and its basic integrated graphics can handle decently. Also, 2D games like those card games and similar can run well on lower-end processors.

    • Man

      Can i play dota 2 with this amd athlon gold 3150u and 4gb ram and r2 graphic card

    • Vishosaurus

      I have played Fortnite getting 120fps max in creative, using the performance mode in game feature in Fortnite.

  13. 3 out of 5 On par with a Celeron or Pentium duel core


    Athlon’s are AMD’s answer to Intel Celeron’s and Pentiums. They serve as a entry level CPU for entry level notebooks. They work OK if not pushed hard and have a draw little power so typically provide good battery life. They are not for the power user who opens several apps or many tabs in a browser and expect the CPU to keep up because these duel cores will quickly slow if ask too much from them.

  14. Question


    I work from home can dizzion secure desktop work with this?

    • Dan

      The Athlon Gold 3150U isn’t a powerful processor. But, performance of Dizzon secure desktop and other “desktop as a service” programs depend more on the server than user’s computer. These services are usually designed to work well on very basic hardware, so I think you’ll be able to run Dizzon on the Athlon nicely.

  15. Question

    Coinneach Gordon

    Would this laptop handle Microsoft Publisher, wrt resolution and speed?

  16. Question


    Can i have All adobe prograsmm ( like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom ) and Guild Wars on laptop with this processor? I dont want them to bag.

    • Dan

      Unfortunately, the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U isn’t a good solution for these Adobe programs. It’s an entry-level CPU and Adobe apps aren’t among the light ones. I would recommend at least the current AMD Ryzen 5 / 7 or Intel Core i5 / i7 mid-range processors. For the best performance, there are the Ryzen 5 / 7 and Intel Core i5 / i7 H-series, but they tend to consume more power and run hotter. Laptops with them are pricier.

      Guild Wars also runs better on these mid-range and high-performance processors, although for the best gaming a dedicated video card like the Nvidia GeForce GTX / RTX is recommended. The game isn’t overly heavy, so I would expect to run decently on the Ryzen 5 / 7, Core i5 / i7.

  17. Question


    Could it handle Borderlands 2? My gf has this one and trying to ease her into co-op shooter games without having to buy her a whole new pc/laptop.

    • Earth

      My opinion I don’t think athlon gold can handle BD2 or if it can maybe with the lowest setting.

  18. Question


    will this graphics card support multiple monitors? I’ve attempted to connect a second monitor to my setup, and even though it was connected perfectly, the monitor just would not detect or work. I have tried different cables and adaptors, lmk if you have suggestions or an answer.

    • Dan

      Hi, what video ports did you use for connecting to external monitors – HDMI, VGA, USB-C? Do you want to use 1 or 2 external monitors?

    • Billy

      Hi Dan, I’m in a possibly similar situation and I’m not sure who to ask. I have an HP 14-dk1018ca and it is running AMD Athlon Gold 3150U with AMD Radeon™ Graphics Integrated. These are the ports it has: 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-C® 5Gbps signaling rate; 2 SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate; 1 HDMI 1.4b; 1 RJ-45; 1 AC smart pin; 1 headphone/microphone combo
      So i plugged 1 monitor in the HDMI port, and i have another 2nd monitor that i want to use for the setup. I’ve found out that if I i get like a splitter for the HDMI i can attach this 2nd monitor but it will only mirror what is going on in monitor 1 right? i want the 2nd monitor to have its own thing going on. So my attention went to the USB C port, but I cannot find out if the port is set up to take a monitor or if its just for transferring files, do you know where i can find the answer? it wasnt in the manual and i tried looking at the specs of the graphics card to see if it will support multiple monitors but i havent been able to find.. I’m just looking for the easiest way to be able to hook up 2 monitors to my laptop where they each have their own thing going on and not mirroring the same image. can you help me? thanks

    • Dave D

      I have run one external monitor both on HDMI and USB with no issues. I have not tried two monitors. This computer does NOT have USB-C. Only USB and HDMI

  19. Question


    “The Athlon Gold 3150U performs similar to the more popular AMD Ryzen 3 3200 / 3250U. The main difference between them is that the Athlon is a dual-core processor with two computing threads per core, while the Ryzen 3 has four cores with a single computing thread per core.”

    AMD Ryzen 3 3250U is a dual core processor not quad core.

    • Dan

      Thanks for the heads up. I have corrected the post.

  20. Question


    Will this processor run Roblox

    • Dan

      Yes it will, but I wouldn’t expect smooth gameplays on high settings, since this is a basic processor with basic integrated graphics.

  21. Question

    Elbert Joyce

    Will this processor run Sims 4 game?

    • Dan

      On low graphics details settings it will run for sure. Higher settings will probably be problematic, since the processor and its integrated graphics are in the entry-level category.

    • Bobby Miller

      I actually was able to play Genshin Impact on it. The fan just starts spinning faster and louder (normal) and it reaches a maximum of 75 degrees if I’m playing it. Is this normal? It actually runs fairly smoothly thanks to my Wi-fi.

    • Dan

      @Bobby Miller. I think it’s normal for a laptop processor to reach 75 degrees while gaming. The main processor and especially its built-in integrated graphics have a lot of calculations to do during gaming. And laptops with the Athlon Gold 3150U are cooled only by a single fan, as opposed to dual fans in gaming laptops with dedicated video cards.

    • Bobby Miller

      If it can run Genshin Impact, you think it could run Minecraft Java fairly smooth?

    • John

      Yes you could run it in Minecraft Java smoothly.