Intel Core i5-10300H (10th Gen) High-End Laptop Processor

The 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10300H is a processor commonly used in high-performance laptops for gaming and other heavy tasks. The quad-core Intel Core i5-10300H belongs to the 2020 Intel Core H processor lineup, just like the more popular and faster six-core i7-10750H. They are 45-Watt chips, as opposed to the 15-Watt Intel Core U and G series you can typically find in mainstream laptops. The higher wattage means a greater power consumption and hotter operation. But, performance is generally better than with the 15W chips, especially during tasks that require constantly high processor load, such as hard-core gameplays or video file exports from video editing programs.

AMD also has contenders in the same high-performance arena, including the AMD Ryzen 5 4600H which is a direct competitor of the i5-10300H.

As for graphics processing which is important for 3D game rendering, the Intel Core i5-10300H features the Intel UHD graphics processor. It’s a basic one, without potential to run smoothly the latest demanding game titles. But, that isn’t of a big importance, since laptops with the Core i5-10300H come with full-blown dedicated graphics cards anyway.

Intel Core i5-10300H Benchmark

Intel Core i5-10300H Benchmark

Unsurprisingly, the Core i5-10300H is near the top of benchmark result charts. It’s still below the 2020 10th Gen i7-10750H, but in line with the 2019 9th Gen Core i7-9750H.

Note: The benchmark scores of the listed processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the i5-10300H and compared CPUs may vary depending on the notebooks' other components, settings, cooling, and other factors. However, the benchmark results are good indicators of the processors' performance.


Here are the most important specs of the i5-10300H:

Processor Name

Intel Core i5-10300H

CPU Family

10th Generation Intel Core "Comet Lake"

Number of Cores

Quad-core / 2 computing threads per core

CPU Clock Speed

2.5 – 4.5 GHz

Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR4 (2933 MHz max. speed)

Integrated Graphics

Intel UHD 630

Power Consumption

45 Watts

Production Technology


Typical Use

Gaming & high-performance laptops

Notable Technologies

Intel HyperThreading (enables two computing threads per physical processor core)
Intel QuickSync Video (speeds up conversion of video files)
Virtualization – allows the processor to run multiple operating systems simultaneously using virtual platforms

Year of Release


Published on June 7, 2020

User Reviews and Q&A

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  1. Question


    I am using Lenovo legion 5i 2020 model which has same prosessor I want to know what is the maximum capacity of SSD storage??
    I have 2 slots for upgrade

    • Dan

      2TB SSD modules are offered in many modern laptop configurations, so I think you can have 2TB in each slot.

  2. Question


    Hi, I’m planning to buy a acer predator helios 300 with a hexacore i5 10500h + rtx 3060. (Model number is PH315-53-58U0). I’ve never heard of the 10500h before, and I can’t seem to find it here. In theory, the 10500h should be better than the 10300h right, with the extra 2 cores?

  3. Question

    L Lawliet

    Please help me decide what will be the best below the three:
    1. MSI GF63 Thin 10UC-443PH – 6 CORES I7-10750H RTX 3050 4GB
    2. Gigabyte G5 – 6 CORES I5-10500H RTX 3060 6GB
    3. MSI GF65 Thin 10UE-411PH – 6 CORES I5-10500H RTX 3060 6GB
    4. ACER NITRO 5 – 6 CORES i5-11400H RTX 3050 4GB
    5. Acer Predator Helios 300 – 4 CORES i5-10300H RTX 3060 6GB – this comes with a predator gaming chair.
    I greatly appreciate your feedback and reply. TIA

    • Jason

      i know this is probably a bit late, but i like MSI and would purchase the GF65 thin. the 3060 is roughly 1.5x better than 3050, while still retaining some sense of affordability, unlike the Predator.i cant tell bc you havent said ram, but since the GF65 cache is bigger than GF63, id choose that one.

  4. Question


    Am planning on getting an acer nitro 5 2021
    There are two versions:
    1. Intel®️ Core i5-10300H processor (8 MB Smart Cache, 2.5 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz, DDR4) + GTX 1650 Ti

    2. AMD RyzenTM 5 5600H hexa-core processor (up to 3 MB L2 cache, up to 16 MB L3 cache, 3.3 GHz with Precision Boost up to 4.2 GHz) + GTX 1650

    The Ryzen version is 70$ more in price, is it worth it to save more money or I just go with the intel? will there be a huge difference in performance?

    • Aki

      It seems both are good but if you wanna save some money you can go with i5 but Ryzen will be a better performer in cpu intensive workloads. Gaming wise you will feel intel one is slightly better due to the ti graphics card

    • Meechell

      Go with the Ryzen. The only difference between the GTX 1650 and Ti version is ddr6 memory. Which is good but isn’t gonna make a huge difference. The Ryzen has better performance and more cores so it’ll be the better option.

  5. Question


    can i play gta 5 on i5 10300h + gtx 1650 (lenovo legion 5) Should i have done mistake buying 4 core cpu in 2021

    • Dan

      The i5 10300H performs similar, if not faster, than the top tier quad-core i7 H-series processors from 2013 when GTA 5 was released. This i5 model is also good for newer games, so I don’t think you’ll have any issues with it in GTA 5. The GTX 1650 is a mid-range video card, but also newer (2019) than the game. GTA should work very well on Full HD resolution and mid-to-high detail settings. I hope you have at least 8GB RAM, since it’s minimal recommended RAM size for the game.

    • Sai

      Add a ram total of 16gb. Works very fantastic

  6. Question

    Subhrajit Dey

    For cad and simulation softwares which processor will be a better option. (Laptop with 16 gb ram and 4gb dedicated graphics)
    i5 10300H or i7 10750H ?

    • Dan

      The i7 is better for sure. It’s a class above the i5. But the i5 H is good too for CAD and similar.

    • aki

      Yeah i7 is better than i5 but for CAD and casual gaming i5 will fulfill your needs and save a buck or two for you now.

  7. Question


    I want to buy Asus Tuf F15 Fx506Li . It came with i5 10300h , Gtx 1650ti , 512 ssd , 144hz refresh rate. I want to know can It do 4k 60 fps video editing project smoothly on premier pro ?

    • Rachit Patel

      no go for acer nitro 5 it is best i am using it

    • Ayush

      i have asus tuf f15 fxf06lh i can able 4k editing , i can play many games on high graphics settings but if i will upgrade my ram from 8gb to 16 gb than multitasking will better and i can say this laptop will full fill your need for coming 3-4 approx.. with this price range..

  8. Question


    Is the i5 10300H already a future-proof processor for at least 4 years? Using it for moderate gaming and mostly for productivity

    • Dan

      I think it can serve you well in the next 4 years or more. However, there are already processors from the Intel Core U and AMD Ryzen U series that perform simmilar to the i5-10300H, while consuming less power – 15 Watts vs 45 Watts, and running cooler. On the other hand, the H series processors like the i5-10300H are designed for prolonged high processing load, for instance in heavy gaming or 4K video editing, where the U series processors may struggle.

  9. Question


    Hello!! I’m an incoming IT student and their requirement is an i7 processor or equivalent. Is the i5 10300H a viable option?

    • Eric Schandler

      Yes! If you look at the benchmark charts, this chip outperforms most laptop i7s and ties the i7-9880H. It will be more than sufficient for your course.

    • Migs

      Thank you!!

  10. Question


    Hey! Can I mix a 3200Mhz RAM with 2933Mhz RAM in Core i5 10300H? My laptop came with a 2933Mhz RAM which is not available in my region. I heard if I do there might be crash issues and blue screen of death. Is it true or should I go for it?

    • Zach

      If there are no other options you can use the 3200Mhz RAM, but there will be no speed increase in your system.

    • Ahmed

      Both the RAMs will run at 2933Mhz right? I don’t need the extra speed I just need to increase the RAM to 16 gigs as long as there’s no issues. Thanks Zach!

    • Sai

      THANK you so much. I have been waiting for this answer for many days❤️

  11. Question


    Which is best for gaming?
    i5 – 10300h with 1660 ti (144 Hz)
    Ryzen 5 4600H with 1660 to (60 Hz)

    • Nandhan

      There is mistake- Ryzen 5 4600H with 1660 ti* (60hz)

    • Lokendra

      Ryzen 5 4600h would be a better choice with 1660ti, in my opinion.
      Because they will perform nearly same for single core processing but when it comes multi-core processing, Amd has an edge over intel, as 4600h is 6 cores/12 threads and intel is 4cores/8threads.
      Basically if you are programmer then I think you go with any one of them, decide which one you get cheaper. But still try to get your hands on for Amd 4000 series.
      Well I am not a expert in these, but hope this little info should help you out.
      Also do read about these processors on notebookcheck.

    • Brad

      I’ll look out for that, thanks!

  12. Question


    Hi, im an architecture student and planning to buy a laptop helios 300 with an i5 10300h and rtx 2060. Any thoughts if it can run lumion and other architectural softwares related? Thanks.

    • Dan

      Hi, it is a good laptop for that type of work since it has a powerful CPU and video card, assuming you have 16GB or more RAM (preferably 32GB) and an SSD drive (not a slow HDD). The processor and graphics of your laptop meet Lumion’s recommended requirements ( I advise you to check requirements of other programs you’ll be using.

  13. Question


    What would be better for gaming, i5 10300H with GTX 1650ti or Ryzen 5 4600H with GTX 1650? Thank you for those who will answer.

    • Dan

      The better option is i5 10300H with GTX 1650 Ti, primarily because of the Ti graphics which is better than the non-Ti 1650. However, you should check whether GTX 1650 Ti is Max-Q version. If that’s the case the standard non-Max-Q 1650 is better. And the Max-Q 1650 is weaker than all of them.

      The mentioned i5 and Ryzen 5 processors perform similar and aren’t as important in terms of gaming as the video cards.

    • Brix

      Both are non-max Q but I’ve decided to wait for more laptops with RTX 3060 to release might give me more options to choose, thanks Dan!

  14. Question

    Hayden T.

    Will the i5-10300H paired with a RTX 2060 6GB be able to run Total War: Warhammer 2 on ultra?

    • Jørgen Hans

      yes, easily.

  15. Question


    I have acer nitro 5 with 10300h processor,built in ram is 2933mhz,can I mix with 2666mhz?

    • Dan

      Yes you can, but both RAM modules will run at the lower 2666 MHz speed.

  16. Question

    Mark K.

    Is Intel® Core™ i5-10300H good for playing games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim?

    • Dan

      What graphics card is the processor paired with? It is rarely used in laptops that rely only on the processor’s own integrated graphics. The i5-10300H itself comes with the Intel UHD series integrated graphics which is good only for light gaming. Skyrim on it can be played on low settings and 720p resolution. For Fallout I’m not sure, it’s probably similar to performance shown in the video below. But again performance depends on the video card. These games aren’t overly heavy so they can be easily played on mid-range video cards.

    • Nicola

      Absolutely yes, but it depends on the dedicated video card, for example an RTX 2060, or GTX 1660Ti / 1650

  17. Question


    my i5 10300h’s cores are occasionally scraping 100C. should I be concerned?

    • Zero

      Probably. I’m pretty sure 100C is the largest amount of heat it can take.

    • Phoenix

      when running hard tasks like playing cyberpunk it tops at 96C. I just figured thats what a laptop processor usually hits

  18. Question


    Ye, I know this is a bit of a silly question… but can it run Minecraft at Ultra Settings?

    • Mohamed Hanafe


  19. Question


    is the power consumption always 45w or it lowers when on low usage or idle

    • Dan

      It lowers power consumption when it’s under low load and on idle. When it’s under heavier load, the power consumption is higher. The process of increasing and decreasing processor’s speed and power consumption is automatic. All modern laptop processors and computer processor in general operate that way.

      However, if the processor is set in your operating system’s settings to run on full speed all the time, the power consumption will be high. But, there’s no need to do that in the real world use.

  20. Question


    Can the i510300H run gta5 at ultra settings at an FPS of 60-90 consistently?with 1650ti graphic card

    • ciaran

      yes and it can

  21. Question


    Can the i510300H run Dota 2 at ultra settings at an FPS of 80-100 consistently?

    • yeerd

      yes definitely. Well depends on your graphics card but I have a GTX 1650 + i5-10300H and mine runs at all ultra settings with an average of 90-110 fps

    • Vivek

      Can you tell me the name of your laptop? I have a Acer predator Helios 300 with i510300H with 8 GB DDR4 RAM and a 1650Ti GPU and I can get around a 100 fps at the start of the game but when there are creeps and around 5 heroes in lane it drops to 60-75 fps. Any idea as to why it would be happening?

    • Hao Ze

      Did you enable the gpu in the first place? Some laptops require manual activation of dedicated gpu

  22. Question

    Jean P.

    I look to buy a laptop (Dell G5) using the I5-10300H, what are the best “working” memory for this laptop (I know CAS is important, but some did not work at “full speed”).