Dell Precision M6700, M4700 Mobile Workstations Leak

Dell Precision mobile workstation 2011

The last year’s Dell Precision mobile workstation.

Besides leaked info on the Alienware M18x R2 gaming laptop, Dell Lab has posted the first known details of the Dell Precision M6700 and M4700 mobile workstations.

The Precision M6700 is a larger and more powerful laptop of the two. It has a 17.3″ full HD display in two variants: full HD with 3D capability and white LED backlight, and a 2D variant with the same resolution and RGB LED backlight. The displays will be also offered with edge-to-edge or standard surface. On the other side, the Precision M4700 has a 15.6″ full HD RGB-LED screen.

The M6700 notebook supports Intel processors with a power consumption of up to 65W, while the M4700 will include Intel CPUs with a maximal 55W TDP. We assume the mobile workstations will come with the Ivy Bridge Intel processors. In the graphics department, the M6700 will have three Nvidia “N14EQx” graphics options, with additional AMD Heathrow choice, whereas the M4700 will be available with two Nvidia “N14PQx” GPU variants. The M6700 is also more robust in terms of storage, with two drive bays available for HDDs and SSDs, while the M4700 has a single bay.

The M6600 and M4600 successors support fast 1866MHz RAM and provide 65Whr and 97Whr battery choices, optional webcam, optional WiGi technology (actually WiGig, wireless at Gigabit speeds), as well as ExpressCard and SD card slots.

The preliminary Precision M6700 and M4700 info doesn’t include availability dates and price tags.

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  1. Dell needs to drop eSATA and USB 2, go to 4 USB 3 ports and add Lightpeak/Thunderbolt. Without the latter more and more professional users are migrating to Apple Macbook Pro’s.

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