AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 4700U Processor

The AMD Ryzen 4000 U series processors for mainstream laptops feature the AMD Radeon integrated graphics. The Radeon in the Ryzen 7 4700U features seven graphics processing cores, as opposed to five and six of the Ryzen 3 4300U and 5 4500U. This and a bit higher clock speed makes the Radeon of the Ryzen 7 somewhat faster than the same GPU in the Ryzen 3 and 5. But, they are all just entry level graphics solutions. They enable playing of lighter PC games, but they aren’t enough powerful like the gaming-class video cards to handle the latest hardware-demanding titles. On the positive side, the Radeon of the 7 4700U is faster than many of the popular integrated graphics processors, such as the Intel UHD of the popular Intel Core U processor series or Radeon Vega graphics of the older-gen Ryzen chips.

Note: The same 7-core Radeon is used in the similar but less known Ryzen 7 4800U laptop processor.

Benchmark of AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 4700U

Here’s a benchmark chart featuring the AMD Radeon and other popular laptop graphics processors.

AMD Radeon Graphics (Ryzen 7 4700U) Benchmark

As you can see, the benchmarks confirm the Ryzen 7 4700U’s Radeon version belongs to the lower-end of the laptop GPU spectrum. On the positive side, the benchmarks show its faster than many other GPUs and that it can compete against entry-level dedicated video cards like the Nvidia GeForce MX series.

You can take a look at gameplay videos of the Ryzen 7 4700U AMD Radeon graphics in the Reviews, Q&A, and Videos section below.

Note: The benchmark scores of the listed graphics processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 4700U and compared GPUs may vary depending on the notebooks' other components, settings, cooling, and other factors (especially single-channel vs faster dual-channel RAM and speed of the main processor). However, the benchmark results, as well as gameplay videos, are good indicators of the graphics processors' performance.


Here are the most important specs of the AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 4700U:

GPU Name

AMD Radeon Graphics

GPU Type

Integrated graphics (uses laptop's RAM as video memory)

Number of Execution Units, Cores, Shaders


Core Clock Speed

1600 MHz

Video Memory Size

Shared main memory, depends on system

Memory Type

DDR4 shared system memory

Video Memory Speed

Depends on system

Production Technology


Year of Release


Published on June 11, 2020

User Reviews, Q&A, and Videos

Below you can read and submit user reviews, questions, and answers about the AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 4700U. Thank you for your contribution.

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  1. Question


    Will I be able to play gta 5 on laptop having r7 4700u with a good fish rate

    • Dan

      If your laptop only has the basic Radeon graphics that is integrated into the Ryzen 7 4700U, you will be able to play GTA 5 only on the lowest graphics settings and resolutions. And that’s if you have at least 8GB RAM. You can expect the frame rates to range mostly between 20 and 30 fps.

  2. Question


    I am stuck between i7 16gb RAM ,NVIDIA MX450 2gb graphics card and another laptop with Ryzen 7 – 4700H and Integrated AMD Radeon graphics .

    pls do tell as to which should i choose

    • Dan

      To give you a suggestion, I have to know what is the i7 model name and what’s the main use of the laptop.

  3. New AMD Radeon TM (7 pro 5850u)


    Is there a significant difference between AMD Radeon TM for ryzen 7 pro 5850u and this one?
    Also, would it be possible to play games such as Overwatch at around 60 fps at a 1080p resolution?

  4. Question


    Hi i think to buy laptop with ryzen 7 4700u, i have ps 5 and capure card, did ryzen 7, 4700 u handled 2 or, 4 k streaming from capture card to you tube?

  5. Question


    I have the HP Envy 15 with the Ryzen 7 4700u – I have a dual 4k dell docking station and am looking to purchase two monitors for work – (nothing graphic related – just lots of browser windows). I would like to get two 34 ultrawides that are 3440 x 1440. For simple work and the occasional video call would the integrated graphics card be able to handle that many pixels? I heard that integrated graphics can typically handle a single 4k monitor. I don’t want to buy two $500 monitors for it to not work.

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Denny

      Im going to buy a laptop with the same processor soon. I have 2, 1920×1080 monitors so I can test that out. I can tell you how it went

  6. Question


    I’m thinking of getting a budget laptop, is ryzen 5 4500u enough or should I get the ryzen 7 4700u?

    • Dan

      For most scenarios in common everyday use, the 5 4500U is enough and performs excellent. The 7 4700U is for those who a bit better performance in heavy tasks such as video exports after video editing. Also, the 7 4700U has slightly better integrated graphics, which offers slightly better (although still basic) 3D gaming performance. Otherwise, these two processors perform similar.

    • bob

      is ryzen 7 4700U CPU good for gaming

  7. Question

    Ajinkya Yadav

    Is amd ryzen 7 4700u is good for long term use
    And does it heats up

    • Dan

      Hi, it depends on your tasks. In think it will be excellent for everyday work like web browsing, MS Office and similar for at least next few years. Also, it isn’t among the highest-performance processors that can run hot and can consume a lot of battery power. Overall, a very decent CPU.

  8. Question


    I’m between buying an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Processor and an 11th gen intel i7 with the iris XE integrated GPU (or potentially just an i5). Mostly for use as just a student laptop for at university, but I’m wanting to play a bit of Minecraft too. Which would you reccomend?

    • mark cooper

      definitely go for the amd i have both a ryzen 4700u and an intel i7 and the i7 is okay for doing evryday tasks but the amd destroys intel in the graphics section and its cheaper so id go for the amd

    • nate

      so what I noticed with the iris i7 on my hp laptop is that it consumes a lot of battery quickly and it heats up and kicks the fan on way too much. Albiet it was a cheaper hp laptop but Its noticeable hotter and consumes battery life faster htan my other hp pavilion with the amd 4700u which performs just about the same as the intel but I would say the two biggest advantages is longer battery life and less heat generation from simple tasks. e

    • Dan

      What Windows power mode is active on your i7 laptop? If it’s in high performance mode switching to balanced or battery saving mode ca help with heat, power consumption, and fan noise.

  9. Question


    Can it run overwatch, bf1/5 & star wars battlefront 2? If yes what’s the recommended settings?

    • Knice

      I haven’t tried it myself, but benchmark videos have been able to play it at 60+ fps consistently

  10. Question


    Is it possible to replace my AMD Radeon integrated graphics in my laptop? If so, what would you advise?

    • Jordan

      Finding a graphics card or even processor that is replaceable in a laptop is less likely than winning the lottery. Integrated graphics cards have 0 chance however, as they are INTEGRATED, and you must change the entire motherboard to change it.

  11. Question


    Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes out in a couple of months on Steam minimum Graphics system requirements are: GPU GTX 760, Radeon 7979/ R9280X GPU RAM: 2 GB Video memory
    My laptop:
    Windows 10; AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa Core Processor; 8GB Memory. Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics; total available graphic memory 4286 mb; dedicated video memory 512mb; shared system memory 3774 mb
    will my computer run ME Legendary Edition when it comes out? Thanks…

  12. Question


    Hey man, could r 7 4700u runs lumion 9 or latest lumion ver.?

    Thanks btw if u can answer my question

    • Dan

      Hi, according to their website, “Lumion needs a dedicated graphics card”, a card that has it’s own video memory. The built-in Radeon graphics for the Ryzen 7 4700U is an integrated graphics processor without dedicated video memory. It’s not a dedicated video card. Judging from the system requirements of the latest Lumion 11, it needs a very good dedicated video card, such as those from the Nvidia GeForce GTX / RTX series.


      As for the older Lumion 9, it needs a dedicated video card, too, as shown in the attached video.

    • Boz

      Would this be able to run some older games like minecraft or borderlands two? Just something to kill some time between classes.

    • Dan

      Hi, these games can run decently on the 7 4700U with its built-in Radeon graphics, especially if you have dual-channel RAM installed (i.e. 2 x 4 GB instead of 1 x 8GB).


      As for Borderlands 2, it apparently runs OK on Full HD resolution and low settings. Here’s a video of it on the Ryzen 7 4800U with very similar Radeon graphics.

  13. Question


    Would I be able to play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam with the Radeon Ryzen4700U?

  14. Question


    Which one should I choose, AMD Radeon Graphics (Ryzen 7 4700u) or NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with intel i7-1165G7?

    • Dan

      If their prices are equal and you are into gaming, I would go for the MX450 / intel i7 variant. The Ryzen 7 4700u Intel i7-1165G7 offer similar processing performance. But, the MX450 is a dedicated video card with its own video memory and it’s noticeably faster in terms of 3D gaming (and other graphics-intensive tasks) than the Radeon which is integrated graphics that uses a portion of the main system memory.

      However, if yo do only light computing the difference won’t be noticeable.

    • RetiaryLime

      I do video & photo editing.

  15. Question


    Would this support Age of Empires II definitve edition?

    • Dan

      Hi, it isn’t an overly heavy game. Mid-range integrated graphics processors like the Radeon of the Ryzen 7 can easily handle the game. There are some YouTube videos showing Age of Empires II DE running smoothly on this and some even weaker GPUs.

    • Niall

      Thanks for that Dan!

  16. Question

    David Green

    Hey guys,
    Wich one is better ?

    AMD Ryzen 4700U with the radeon Graphics or Intel i5 1135G7 with the Iris xe graphics?

    Kind regards

    • Burnabard Benvard

      The amd ryzen 4700 is slightly more powerfull in overall proccessing power, has more 4 more cores and much more powerfull graphics. The ryzen 4700u has the edge due to its 4 additional cores. Overal ryzen 4700u > i5 1135g7

    • Linas

      I tested two laptops
      1) HP Pavilion 15 intel 1135g7 iris xe graphics – test is here
      and Asus Vivobook 15 M533IA Ryzen 7 radeon graphics, test is here
      in general summary Asus wins by points 4501 vs 3998 , but graphics performance points is better on iris XE – 2802 vs 2126 on radeon.

  17. Question


    hi. can i play monster hunter with ryzen 7 4700u? thanx

    • Dan

      Hi, Monster Hunter isn’t a light game and the Ryzen 7 4700U with its basic built-in Radeon graphics isn’t powerful enough to run it smoothly. However, based on the attached video the game can run on this type of integrated graphics processors on the lowest settings and 720p resolution. All other videos I watched show Monster Hunter gameplays on gaming-class dedicated video cards.

  18. Question


    Does this support Football Manager 2021?

    • Dan

      Football Manager 2021 is generally a light game, so it should work very well on this processor / graphics.

  19. Question


    will the Radeon Vega graphics 7 support two additional monitors. I purchased a docking hub, the additional monitors will not display.

  20. Ryzen 7 4700U plus Radeon r3 graphics is it ok to buy???..........does this laptop has both ryzen 7 integrated graphics plus a dedicated Radeon r3 graphics???


  21. Question


    I’m not tech enough but I am a warcrafter and need to upgrade for the next patch and the requirements are as follows, my question is, will this do what I need?
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit.
    CPU: Intel Core i5-3450 or AMD FX 8300.
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon RX 560, or Intel UHD 630 (45W) (DirectX 11 compatible GPU with 2GB VRAM)
    RAM: 4GB (8GB if using integrated graphics)
    Storage: SSD, 100GB available space.

    • baldskier

      I just looked up the Nvidia card you listed. It’s a $300+ card. It’s hard to compare discrete to integrated graphics. From what you’ve written above, you NEED a discrete GPU. Might as week get RX 560. The GPU on this chip WILL run WoW, but low textures and draw distance for sure and I don’t see getting a frame rate. Good luck!

    • Adwaith

      yes Andy even though you might not get it all, if u lower the video quality u should be fine with the frames

    • RetiaryLime

      Which one should I choose, AMD Radeon Graphics with Ryzen 7 4700u or NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with intel i7-1165G7?

  22. 3 out of 5 Hola me gustaria daber que targeta grafica es mejor : AMD RADEON GRAFIC O INTEL UHD 605


    No se

  23. Question


    Hi, can I use this for video editing on Sony Vegas Pro?
    Laptop RAM is 8GB. If I upgrade the RAM to 20GB will it make a difference to allow video editing/rendering?
    1080p videos usually

    • Dan

      Hi, I haven’t tried it, but I assume you can, since it is a modern upper-mid range processor and you don’t do videos above 1080p. The Ryzen 7 4700U and other processors in the category are generally good for video editing, although they are not as powerful as high-performance CPUs such as the Ryzen 7 4800H or 10th Gen Intel Core H-series you can typically find in gaming laptops.

      I’m however not sure whether you’ll be able to use GPU acceleration that can help with some operations within the Vegas Pro, if your laptop relies only on the Ryzen’s Radeon integrated graphics without its own video memory. Vegas specs says it requires “AMD Radeon with 4GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)”.

      Since the Ryzen’s Radeon graphics doesn’t have its own video memory and uses the laptop’s RAM, using Vegas on only 8GB can be troublesome, so I can recommend 16GB or higher (and that’s their official RAM size recommendation, too, 8GB is the minimum).

    • Merrick

      I see, thanks! The 4GB is soldered to Lenovo SLIM3, so the highest dual channel is 8 (4+4). Would you recommend a single channel 16GB instead or does AMD Ryzen support different memory per stick?

    • Dan

      I always recommend dual-channel over single-channel RAM, especially if you use the processors integrated graphics which doesn’t have its own video memory. The integrated graphics speed is much better with dual channel RAM.

      Specs of the Slim 3 says maximal supported RAM is 12GB. That’s an 8GB module added besides the built-in 4GB. So you can have at least 12GB. Usually, even larger 16GB modules work on newer laptop models. I assume you can also have 4GB + 16GB, but I’m not sure. Anyway, different RAM sizes generally do work together, like 4GB + 8GB.

  24. Question

    Prateek Kumar

    Asus s14 m433 ryzen 4700u have a vram of 512mb? What does it mean , how vega 7 igpu fare in comparison with older vega 10 igpu.
    I just want to occasionally play fifa and fm games.
    Will 512 mb ram sufficient for that.
    Please reply soon

    • Dan

      Hi, 512MB means the Vega graphics processor uses 512MB of main system memory (RAM) for graphics rendering. On many laptop models you can configure that maximal VRAM size (portion of main RAM) in the notebook’s BIOS settings. As for the difference between Vega in the Ryzen 7 4700U and 3700U, they aren’t very big, generally. The difference depends a lot on whether you have single or dual channel RAM and on the power configuration of the Ryzen processor, for instance 18 Watts vs 25 Watts. You can take a look at this YT comparison video, but keep in mind that in this case the 4700U is 18W, while the 3700U is 25W.

  25. Question

    Tony dahdah

    can you upgrade the graphic ram for ryzen 7 4700u with radeon integrated

    • Dan

      You cannot upgrade video memory, because the Radeon graphics of Ryzen 7 uses a portion of the main RAM of the laptop. But, depending on the laptop model, you can upgrade the main RAM if you don’t have enough of it, so the Radeon graphics can utilize more RAM. Or change settings in the notebook’s BIOS to enable greater RAM usage for graphics (if available).

  26. Question

    Tony dahdah

    can you upgrade the ram for ryzen 7 4700u with radeon integrated

  27. Dan

    Fortnite or Ryzen 7 4700U / Radeon.

  28. Dan

    An extensive GTA 5 test.

  29. Dan

    A video showing performance of the Ryzen 7 4700U / Radeon Graphics in eight games: GTA V, Dota 2, Resident Evil 2, Witcher 3, Counter Strike, and Tomb Rider.