Intel HD Graphics of Atom and Celeron “Bay Trail” Low-End CPUs (Review)

Intel HD Bay Trail Graphics

The Intel Atom and Celeron “Bay Trail” processors are used in many low-end mobile PCs. You can find Atoms in numerous tablet models with Windows OS, while the Celerons power the cheapest Windows laptops on the market. Both CPU series feature the same Intel HD integrated graphics. No wonder gaming performance is similar on these chips, with slight variations depending on the CPU model.

Despite belonging to the bottom of the PC processor spectrum, the Intel Atom and Celeron can handle some of the most popular game titles, such as League of Legends, Minecraft, or Counter Strike Global Offensive. Of course, on the low graphics settings and low resolutions.

Take a look at the video playlist below, containing gameplays on the Intel HD IGP of the “Bay Trail” chips.


If you, however, want more graphics muscle without purchasing a notebook with a dedicated video card, you can opt for a system with the Intel Core series processors with their integrated graphics, such as the Intel HD 5500 of the “Broadwell” core chips.

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  1. lucky – January 9, 2016:

    Can these play 1080p videos and 720p videos (in media players) smoothly? Do they give same video quality as intel hd 4400 or 5500?

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