Intel Iris Xe Graphics of 11th, 12th, and 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs

The Intel Iris Xe is one of the most widely used graphics processing units (GPUs) in laptops since its release in 2020. That’s because it is integrated in the popular 11th, 12th, and 13th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 central processors (CPUs).

Graphics and gaming performance wise, the Intel Iris Xe belongs to the entry-level GPU category. As same as all integrated graphics processors, the Iris Xe uses the main memory since it doesn’t have its own video memory. Because of that, a lower number of core processing units, and a lower memory bandwidth, the Xe can’t compete against the full-blown gaming-class video cards. It lags far behind the typical gaming GPU series, such as the Nvidia GeForce RTX or GTX. But, performance of the Iris Xe is similar to performance of some entry-level dedicated video cards like the Nvidia GeForce MX series. That’s a great result for an integrated graphics processor. Also, the Iris Xe is noticeably faster than the Intel UHD graphics of the lower-mid-range Intel Core i3 series processors and the basic Intel Pentium and Celeron chips.

In the real world use, the Iris Xe enables you to play light PC games and select heavier titles on low graphics quality and resolution settings. For example, the Iris Xe provides a good performance for playing Minecraft, Roblox, or League of Legends, but GTA 5 is barely playable on the low settings.

It’s worth noting that different processors with the Iris Xe may provide somewhat different graphics performance because of the different number of graphics execution units – 80 or 96 EUs, differences in the GPU clock speeds, as well as different RAM configuration (single or dual channel) and CPU power configuration in each laptop model. Regardless of that, all of the Iris Xe variants are still entry-level GPUs.

As for the competition by AMD, the Intel Iris Xe rivals the Radeon graphics of the AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 processors released since 2020.

Intel Iris Xe Graphics Benchmark

Here’s a benchmark score of the Intel Iris Xe compared to other widely used graphics processors for laptops.

Intel Iris Xe (G7) Benchmark

Note: This post was updated on 12/13/2023.

Note: The benchmark scores of the listed graphics processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the Intel Iris Xe and compared GPUs may vary depending on the notebooks' other components, settings, cooling, and other factors (especially single-channel vs faster dual-channel RAM and speed of the main processor). However, the benchmark results, as well as gameplay videos, are good indicators of the graphics processors' performance.


Here are the most important specs of the Intel Iris Xe:

GPU Name

Intel Iris Xe (G7)

GPU Type

Integrated graphics (uses laptop's RAM as video memory)

Number of Execution Units, Cores, Shaders


Core Clock Speed

Up to 1300 MHz

Video Memory Size

Shared main memory, depends on system

Memory Type

DDR4 shared system memory

Video Memory Speed

Depends on system

Production Technology


Year of Release


Published on November 6, 2020

User Reviews, Q&A, and Videos

Below you can read and submit user reviews, questions, and answers about the Intel Iris Xe. Thank you for your contribution.

  1. Question


    I am not a gamer but I do want good graphics for editing photos in Lightroom Classic? Is the Intel Iris xe adequate? Also I’ve been looking at NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2050 in a Dell inspiron. My current laptop has NVIDIA Geforce MX250 graphics with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99 GHz with 8.00 GB RAM. It balks at moving between raw files.


  2. Question

    Ayden Reynaert

    I want to play the new South Park Snow Day game when it comes out on March 26th. I was wondering if my specs (which are Intel i7-1355U, Intel Iris XE, 32 GB DDR5-5200 ram, and 1TB SSD) will work.

  3. Question


    Asus i5 evo – iris xe – 8gb ram – oled display 15.6 laptop >>

    I bought this unit for less than $600 new.. I challenge you to find me a better deal for OLED… This unit has a setting for 120hz or 60hz refresh rate… My question is, why does everyone say i cant run any games on it? what component would cause the game to crash? the ram? The processor? is the graphics card would catch fire? Im new to this

  4. Question


    Can I run Solidworks 2020 on Intel Iris Xe Graphics, CPU: Intel i5-1235U, 24 GB RAM?

  5. Question


    I use Blender for 3D graphics. Recently, it introduced oneAPI for GPU rendering which it states requires Xe-HPG architecture.
    Does my shiny new (1yo) Dell Inspiron with 12th Gen (i51235U) “Iris Xe Graphics” support this architecture? If not, are there any plans for driver updates to this chipset that will support it?

  6. Question


    I want to install F1 2020 on my laptop. The specs are i5-12th gen 12 cores, 16 GB RAM and Iris Xe Graphics.
    Would it work fine?

    • Tony

      It’ll work, but don’t have high expectations. Iris Xe is more than the game minimum GPU requirement. Try starting with low settings and crank it up slowly.

  7. Question


    hello I’m trying to run a deep learning model on my local machine but I don’t know how to use my GPU iris Xe when I try to check if it’s available or not the answer is false (not available )

    • Saksham

      You can only use nvidia GPU for running ml models

  8. Question

    Malav Shah

    I purchased Motorsport Manager from Steam in 2018 on an older laptop. I do not remember the Graphics Gard specs of that laptop, but it might have had a 2 GB dedicated card and 8 GB RAM with intel i3 processor. I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop which has 11th Gen i5, 16 GB RAM and Intel iRis xe graphics. Downloaded and installed the same game from steam, but it immediately crashes after launch. Any ideas? I am quite sure that my system specs are way above the required specs for the game.

    • Sam

      Buy a new computer.

    • Cas

      You know Iris XE isn’t dedicated right?

    • Tony

      Looking at the minimum requirement for your game, your new laptop should be able to handle it just fine. I would suggest you do a windows update and re-install/repair the game. It could be a driver issue. I also think it’s best you stick with Windows 10 for now.

  9. Question

    Himansh Ahuja

    Hello So I purchased my laptop i7 11gen 16gb ram with iris xe. When I played Gtav I was recieving 60-80 fps at 1080p but now even at 800*600 resolution I can barely get 10 fps. I even Selected Gtav in intel graphic command center but still I am not able to play even at lowest settings. Is the issue related to iris xe optimization or if it is the problem from intel’s end?
    Thank you!

    • Sawyer Coe

      Hello Himansh, I am a computer and phone repair technician working in a major chain company. Based on the what intel xe graphics can do, there’s simply no way that the xe graphics on their own could have gotten you 60fps at 1080p in GTAV, I suspect that you have a separate graphics card in your computer, and for whatever reason the game now is attempting to run only on the xe graphics instead of using the GPU like it should. I recommend checking “device manager” (if you are using windows), and taking a peek under “display adapters” near the top of the page!

    • Cas

      Iris XE can GTAV for atleast 50 fps. I think it might be because something is using all of your ram or cpu.

  10. Question


    I own a Samsung gaming laptop with the Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and I only played one game. not even a high graphics required game ( Final Fantasy XIV) I’ve noticed the machine gets VERY hot where the graphics card is. Is there a solution for this problem? or would an external cooling fan help to lesson the heat? I’m concerned after a few hours of game play it might overheat, and damage it.

    • Dan

      Laptops indeed can get hot while gaming, especially those with thin design. Cooling stands with active fans can help a lot with that issue.

    • bob

      Yes, also you could try to use liquid metal on the GPU and CPU. But before you do this pls read and check some vids about it, it could eat your metals in the pc 🙂

    • MM

      There is no Graphics card in your laptop. Intel Iris Xe is not a dedicated graphics card its an integrated GPU on the same die as the CPU.

  11. Question

    Tejas Nayak

    Does the graphics card have shadow model 3?

  12. Question


    Does this mean that if my Iris Xe use my laptop RAM, which is 16GB, the video RAM will also reach 16gb ?

    • Dan

      Yes, it uses RAM but not all of it. Integrated graphics processors like the Iris Xe typically use up to 2GB of RAM for graphics processing purposes.

    • Patrick Townley

      Can you designate more of your RAM towards this. For example if I wanted to have 4GB instead of 2GB.

    • Shane Clay

      Depends on how much RAM your computer has. Mine, for example has 12GB total and my GPU can use up to 6GB when needed.

    • Aditya Shrivastav

      By using this process does my laptop ram will gets damage?

    • Dan

      This graphics processor uses RAM, but normally it shouldn’t damage it. But yes, RAM is used more with this graphics processor in comparison to dedicated video cards that have their own memory. Also, with integrated graphics processors like the Iris Xe you have less RAM for other tasks than with a dedicated GPU with its own memory.

  13. Question

    Hans Hansen

    have an Asus ux482 w (i7-Iris Xe) using the HDMI port to an LG 5k monitor. Why is it that graphics and text are distorted on the display set on full resolution?

    Using another pc with Iris the display was ok set on same resolution.

    • Techie

      You need to look at the other specification of the PC you’re comparing with yours especially the screen resolution. Also the type of Iris Xe Graphics also matter( Xe-LP, Xe-HPG, Xe-HP, and Xe-HPC) cos their performance slightly vary too.

    • hemendra jain

      i want users manual

  14. Question


    How much dedicated video ram does this graphics card have?

    • randi eriko

      none, it uses your system RAM.

    • Adam

      Does this mean upgrading my RAM also upgrades the graphics card?

    • Dan

      The graphics processor is built into the main processor and it isn’t upgradeable. However, adding more RAM can help with graphics processing. For instance, if you currently have only 4GB, upgrading to 8GB or more will allow the graphics processor to use a larger portion of RAM as video memory and provide better performance in many games. Also, if you have single channel RAM like 1 x 8GB and upgrade to dual channel like 2 x 4GB or 2 x 8GB, that will noticeably boost graphics performance.

    • Shane Clay

      Most Iris XE graphic chips have 128MB dedicated VRAM and the rest is shared with the system.

    • Laiq Khan

      Is the iRIS Xe 128MB dedicated VRAM is upgradable (to be increased) to 1024MB as like Intel UHD is?

    • Dan

      Laiq Khan, you should check in your laptop’s BIOS settings if there’s an option to set the maximal allowed memory size for the integrated graphics. That option is usually available.

  15. Question


    1)How much ram will iris xe use from my i5 11th gen 8gb ram…
    2)What if i upgrade my ram to 12gb,will performance increase..
    3)Or should i buy a dedicated 2gb mx350.will there be significant performance change?

    Bcoz in India now laptop with integrated Iris xe costs Rs.55000
    And Mx350 costs Rs.60000

    Is it worth to buy mx350 or can i get good performance by upgrading ram in iris xe laptop

    • shakir

      I have a Laptop Dell Inspiron 5502 i7 and I bought it for RS 196000, And that is in Sri Lankan Rupees. But this laptop has Irish xe graphics with MX330 both, so don’t you get that in India which includes both. And I am an 18-year-old student,I got it for my university and it is great, I love it except for the heating issue I face, It gets really hot underneath the vent.

    • randi eriko

      1) depends on the workload
      2)sure, as the IrisXe uses RAM to operate.
      3) with enough RAM, the difference with MX330 is not that much. however, if you could get yourself an MX450, it’s noticeably better.

    • James

      Hey Randi, I myself had issues with heat so I bought a laptop cooling pad to see if they really worked and it did, it reduced my operating temps by as much as 5 degrees. So it was worth, check out my results here:

  16. Waiting for the HP store to apply my upgrades

    Grant it

    Its been 2 months since my order. I will write a better review when I receive my 17t-cg100

  17. moeski

    so if my comp has i7 11th gen and 32gigs of ram, could I play more demanding games or is the videocard still not good enough. I guess my question is the more ram I have the more demanding games i can play or is there still a limit to what it can play.

    • Suhas Kini

      Its still not going to be strong enough as under ideal conditions(16gb ram+) it will share only 1 to 1.5gb of memory which is not good enough for many modern games to run at 1080p.

    • randi eriko

      if the more demanding games are like GTA V, CS: GO, Genshin Impact, probably yes.

      if it is like DOOM, RDR, Cyberpunk no, it won’t run even in the crappiest settings.

    • Guntur

      With 16 GB of RAM, can I get playable result on PES 2019 or ePES?

    • Ok-Trip

      randi eriko – that’s not true. I seen a YouTube graphics test and they ran cyberpunk with like 30fps at 720p using the Intel Iris Xe.

  18. Question


    What GPU would be best for Primavera P6/Asta Powerproject ?

    • vit selvarajah

      Asta PowerProject doesnt really need any particular GPU. We’re currently using Thinkbook 13’s and have no issues with Asta.

  19. Question


    Does the Iris Xe support ultra-wide displays? Having difficulty finding resolution and aspect ratio details.

  20. Question


    can i5 11 gen 8gb ram iris xe graphics play cod warzone or cold war

    • Martin

      no, i have i7 and 16GB ram iris and i cnat play it

    • Daniel

      Sadly no.
      I have the same specs.

    • shakir

      Why do you guys say cant to Warzone man, I have the Inspiron i7 with 8Gb ram and Intel Irish Xe graphics as well as Nvidia MX330 and warzone is totally playable, but at medium settings 1080p, and for Cold war,i don’t know man because i didn’t purchase that coz it’s too expensive and i think with this entry-level graphics it won’t be able, But warzone is completely playable

    • randi eriko

      no, even with a dedicated GPU which have its own graphic memory, 8GB of RAM is just barely minimum to run.

      in your case, a hefty amount of RAM will be used for the graphic, hence not enough ram = not playable.

    • michale swanepoel

      i have matebook 14 2021 which has intel i7 , 16gb ram and intel xe and i run games like warzone , pubg , borderlands 3 fallout 4 with no issues even runs Ark survival evolved on high graphics settings

  21. Question


    Which is better?
    Intel core i5-1035g1 with nvidia mx350 vs intel core i5 11 with iris xe grahphic?

    • Dan

      Do you know what MX350 version is in question – 15 Watt or 25 Watt? If it’s 15W than it’s very similar to the Iris Xe performance-wise and the 11th Gen i5 processor itself is slightly better than its 10th Gen counterpart. If the MX350 is 25W, than that option is better graphics and gaming wise. In both cases the MX350 has its own video memory, so it doesn’t take up your main RAM. On the other hand, the Iris Xe option is better when it comes to power consumption and heat.

    • Himansh Ahuja

      Hello So I purchased my laptop i7 11gen 16gb ram with iris xe. When I played Gtav I was recieving 60-80 fps at 1080p but now even at 800*600 resolution I can barely get 10 fps. I even Selected Gtav in intel graphic command center but still I am not able to play even at lowest settings. Is the issue related to iris xe optimization or if it is the problem from intel’s end?
      Thank you!

  22. Question

    Michael Petersante

    If a computer has mx350 vc and the iris xe is on the chip is it possible to use the xe instead of the card?

    • Dan

      Yes it is. There’s an option in Nvidia’s GeForce control panel under Windows to select Intel integrated graphics instead of the Nvidia video card. You can choose to always use the Xe or you can do it based on application. For instance, Intel Xe when you use web browser and MX350 when you run a game.

    • Theo

      Sorry for asking, out of curiosity, why would you prefer using your RAM instead of the memory provided by the mx 350? They score exactly same performance-wise

    • Dan

      Integrated graphics processors like the Xe generally consume less power than dedicated video cards like the MX350. That’s usually the main reason for switching to IGP, besides cooler operation of the laptop.

  23. Question


    Does the intel xe graphics feature a Hdmi 1.4b or hdmi 2.0/2.1 protocol?

    • Dan

      Intel Iris Xe of laptop processors features HDMI 2.0b. However, it also depends on the notebook model. Some of them have HDMI 1.4 port although the graphics processor supports 2.0b. In that case, video output of the laptop will not support 2.0 or higher.

  24. Question


    Please answer how much system RAM Iris Xe uses on 11th gen i5-1135G7, if it uses 2GB of System memory, i’ll have 5.59GB RAM usable if I have 8GB RAM.

    • Thebrogameingprocool545

      it uses 495329571349587419534275 GB of ram

    • simp

      stop it leave them alone noob!!!!!!!!!!

    • Insane

      495329571349587419534275 gb of ram
      So I need to sell my house

  25. Question

    Pat S.

    Software I need to download says
    “ 3D class video card with 1 GB of memory or higher and support for hardware acceleration.” Is the Intel Iris Xe sufficient?

    • Dan

      Hi, generally the Intel Iris Xe isn’t a “3D class video card”. It’s an integrated graphics processor which uses the notebook’s main memory since it hasn’t its own. It is much weaker than what’s usually considered to be 3D class video cards with their own memory. For example, the Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX series with 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB video memory.

      Nevertheless, the Iris Xe is a good performer in comparison to other integrated graphics processor and it can utilize 1GB of the main system memory. It’s possible that it can work with your software, but still it will run graphics operations much slower than real video cards.

    • Nuno

      Is the intel iris xe limited to using 1Gb ram? Or it can use more than that?

    • Anon

      It will take whatever memory it needs from system RAM until specified limit.

    • randi eriko

      refer to your laptop manufacturer. but mostly its limited to 1GB.

    • Alex

      The shared memory limit is not the same on all the laptops, indeed in my case, Lenovo Thinkbook 15 G2 ITL with i7 11th gen and it is far beyond 1GB, up to 8Gb you can see it from the intel graphics control center, click on System – GPU and look below Graphic Memory

  26. Question


    Is iris xe g7 better than nvedia mx 330?

    • Rex

      MX330 is better than Intel Iris G7.

    • yeah boi

      but iris xe is better that iris g7 and mx 330

    • Louis Duran

      Refer to the chart in the main article

  27. Question

    Raj Mahajan

    Should i buy i5 11th gen with integrated iris xe or i5 10th gen with dedicated graphics ?
    Which is better combo ?

    • Dan

      Hi, what dedicated graphics is in question?

    • bitch


  28. Question


    How many storage count intel iris xe graphics

    • Dan

      You probably mean what is video memory size of the Iris Xe, right? It doesn’t have its own memory. It uses a portion of the laptop’s main RAM memory, depending on a task.

  29. Dan

    Iris Xe vs Nvidia MX350.

    • Paul Ford

      iris xe is pretty impressive being an integrated graphics solution with the main cpu. Very similar to the new M1 Architecture on macs.

  30. Dan

    Intel Iris Xe against the Radeon Graphics of the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U.

  31. Dan

    31 popular games tested on the Intel Iris Xe.