How to Align Windows 11 Taskbar (Start Button and Icons) to the Left

Windows 11 Taskbar Moved Left

The most visually noticeable novelty when you log into Windows 11 is the taskbar alignment. By default, the Windows Start button and other icons on the taskbar are aligned to the center of the screen in Windows 11. These had been traditionally aligned to the left in Windows 10 and older Windows versions. Because of that, many people habitually reach to the lower left corner of the screen in order to open the Start menu or launch programs from the taskbar. If you don’t want to change this habit while using Windows 11, you can easily move its taskbar to the left to get the old-style alignment.

It’s easy to do that. You will have to go to Settings / Personalization / Taskbar / Taskbar behaviors. You can reach the Taskbar settings window quickly by right-clicking (or press and hold on touchscreens) on the empty taskbar space and pressing the Taskbar settings button. Alternatively, you can easily find the Taskbar settings by typing “Taskbar” in Windows Search.

Windows 11 Move Taskbar Start and Icons to Left - Taskbar Settings

Windows 11 Move Taskbar to Left - Search Taskbar Settings

In Taskbar behaviors section of the Taskbar settings window, there’s a Taskbar alignment option. Just switch the option from Center to Left and the taskbar Start button and icons will align to the left.

Windows 11 Move Taskbar to Left - Alignment Settings

Of course you can always revert to the centered alignment by following the same steps and selecting the Center option. We can assume many users do like the new centered alignment, since it can be considered as more natural and faster to reach.

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