How to Fix Error 0x803F8001 in Minecraft Launcher Under Windows (11)

Error 0x803F8001 in Minecraft Launcher in Windows

Here’s how I fixed the Error 0x803F8001 in the Minecraft Launcher program under Windows 11.

I got the 0x803F8001 error when I tried to run Minecraft Launcher downloaded from the Minecraft website (MinecraftInstaller.exe), as opposed to getting it from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Windows app.

The error popup window said “Check your account – Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account. Make sure you are signed in to the Store and try again.”

But, I was already signed in to the Microsoft Store and still had the Get button available on the Minecraft Launcher page in the Store and Xbox apps. A click on the Get button got the Launcher added to my Microsoft account and after that I was able to run the Launcher without the error.

Minecraft Launcher Xbox App Windows 11 10

As a side note, you can avoid the 0x803F8001 error by getting the Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store or the Store section in the Xbox app instead of the Minecraft website. Other reasons for getting the error may still apply, like not being signed into the Microsoft Store, so signing in may solve the problem.

This guide was tested on a Windows 11 laptop, but it may be applicable to Windows 10 machines as well.

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