How to Open Select Websites / Webpages Automatically When Chrome Starts

Want to open some specific websites or webpages in the Chrome browser automatically when you start it? Here’s how to do that easily.

In Chrome, open the chrome://settings/onStartup page by typing it or copy-pasting it into the Chrome’s address bar. The same page can be accessed by clicking on the the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome window and then on the Settings and on the On startup option.

Choose Chrome Startup Websites & Web Pages

On the Startup page, make sure the Open a specific page or set of pages option is selected and click on the Add a new page link.

Add a New Webpage to Chrome Startup

An Add a new page window with a Site URL field will pop up. There you can add a desired website URL or a specific webpage URL within the website. You can add additional sites and pages by clicking on the Add a new page link again. The additional pages will be set to open in new browser tabs beside the first added page.

Alternatively, you can add the pages that are currently opened in Chrome by selecting the Use current pages option or continue the previous browsing session by selecting the Continue where you left off option.

I hope this tip will save you some time, especially if you frequently open the same webpages after you start Chrome over and over again manually.

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