How to Make VLC Media Player Dark Mode in Windows 11 (2023)

In this post, you can learn how to make the VLC media player program interface dark in Windows 11. To do that and enable a sort of VLC dark mode you can:

  • Install a dark skin for VLC, or
  • Set a dark contrast theme in Windows settings.

Install Dark VLC Skin

To install a dark skin for VLC:

VLC Dark Skins for a Sort of Dark Mode

  • Click on the Download link, below the preview image of the chosen skin to save the skin to your computer.

VLC Dark Mode-Like Skin Download

  • Open the VLC Media Player program.
  • In VLC, go to Tools / Preferences on the program menu on the top.

  • In the Preferences / Interface Settings / Look and feel section click on the Use custom skin button.
  • Click on the Choose button on the Skin resource file line and select the VLC skin you downloaded previously.
  • Click on the Save button on the low end of the window.

  • Close and reopen the VLC media player for the changes to take effect.

This is Darkvoodoo, one of the dark skins that enable a dark mode-like appearance of VLC.

VLC Dark Skin for Dark Mode-Like Appearance

Set Dark Contrast Theme in Windows

Unfortunately, setting the dark mode in Colors settings in Windows or using a dark Windows theme doesn’t make the VLC program dark. But, you can make VLC dark by choosing one of the dark Contrast themes.

To activate a dark Contrast theme:

  • Go to the Settings / Accessibility / Contrast themes section of Windows.

  • Choose the Aquatic, Dusk, or Night Sky dark theme and click the Apply button.

Select Dark Contrast Theme for a Dark Mode-Like VLC Appearance


This is the result of applying the Aquatic dark Contrast theme to Windows and programs, including VLC.

VLC Dark Mode via Dark Contrast Windows Theme



Please note that selection of a Contrast theme applies it to the whole Windows system. You can not apply it to only a specific program like VLC. However, you can easily switch the Contrast theme on and off by using the Left ALT + Left SHIFT + Print Screen keyboard shortcut.

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