Lenovo ThinkPad L430, L530 Eco Laptops Coming in June

Lenovo Thinkpad L430, L530
Lenovo Thinkpad L430, L530

The Lenovo ThinkPad L430 and L530 business notebooks will be launched in June, according to a page on Lenovo.com.

Details of the laptops are still unknown, but the PC maker says that they are MilSpec-tesed for durability and provide long runtime. Like the previous L-series ThinkPads which contain materials made of post-consumer recycled content, the L430 and L530 are eco-friendly. Specifications of the new notebooks are unknown, but we expect the new lineup to receive Intel Ivy Bridge processors. The previous generation L ThinkPads haven’t some higher-end options like quad-core CPUs and dedicated video cards, which are available in the T-series.

On the product image, we have noticed that the L430 and L530 do not feature the classic ThinkPad keyboard, but Lenovo’s isle-style AccuType one also featured on the upcoming T430u. That’s a radical change, since non-Edge ThinkPads (L, T, W, and X series) are well known for their legendary keyboards, which are one of their best selling points.

The good news is that the ThinkPad L-series are affordably priced, with current generation starting at $600.

Source: Lenovo

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