Microsoft Office & 365 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Microsoft Office & Microsoft 365 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

If you’re planning to get one of the Microsoft Office products, including those that are a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription packages, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 are good opportunities to get a deal on them. Info on the latest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 deals for this year is available on this page. At this time, we know of a few deals on the world’s most popular productivity software suite. Also, many computer sellers offer Office and 365 discounts with a new PC purchase.

Microsoft Office & 365 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Instant Off Deals

    Walmart currently lists multiple Microsoft Office and 365 deals.

  • The first discount is the Microsoft Office 365 Personal (or officially called Microsoft 365 Personal) 1-year subscription for $47.99, after $22.00 instant off. The discounted subscription is sold in the form of a key card.
  • Walmart also sells the Office Home & Student 2021 edition (one-time purchase) for $109.99 after a $40.00 discount.
  • You can find the MS Office / 365 deals and prices on this Walmart page. Please keep in mind that Walmart also sells other 365 Personal subscriptions in the form of a download, but at a higher price than on the key card.

  • The same $109.99 Office Home & Student 2021 deal can be found on Best Buy, too.
  • Microsoft Store hasn’t announced their 2023 Office & 365 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals yet. As one of the flagship deals in the past years, Microsoft had been selling the Office Home & Student one-time purchase for $99.99 after $50 instant off. If available, the deals will be listed on this Microsoft Store page.
  • In addition, you can check out Microsoft Office prices and deals on Amazon (ad). The e-tailer regularly has some good deals on the software suite. They may change frequently, so please visit Amazon directly for the latest prices and deals.

Note: More instant off 2023 Office and 356 Cyber Monday deals are expected to come soon. For updates, you can bookmark and check back this page. We will include new deals as soon as we find them.

Save on Microsoft Office & 365 with PC Purchases

You can save on Microsoft Office packages if you purchase a Windows-based PC. Retailers have these kinds of deals regularly and also on Black Friday. For instance, computer sellers often offer $20 off Microsoft 365 Personal 1-year subscription with a new PC purchase. Some sellers give 15 months of the 365 Personal at the regular price of the 1-year subscription. When buying your new PC, check with your seller whether you are eligible for discounts on the Microsoft 365 and other Office products.

In addition, some Windows-based notebooks come with a free 1-year Microsoft 365 Personal subscription. This Office package is usually bundled with ultra-affordable sub-$300 laptops with entry-level components.

About Popular Microsoft Office Editions – 365 Personal, 365 Family, Home & Student

The most popular Microsoft Office Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are related to the Microsoft 365 Personal package, formerly known as Office 365 Personal. A purchased subscription which normally costs $69.99 per year includes one installation on a PC or Mac computer, on a tablet including iPad, Android, or Windows, and on one smartphone device. The package includes full versions of the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access (PC only), and Publisher (PC only) programs. In addition, you get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage space.

Microsoft 365 Family (formerly known as Office 365 Home) with its regular price of $99.99 per year includes the same programs and services. But, you can install it on more computers. The 365 Family allows installation on up to six PCs or Macs, six tablets, and six phones. Also, you receive 1TB OneDrive storage for each user.

As for the Office Home & Student (2021 version), it is currently the most popular traditional one-time-purchase edition, as opposed to the Microsoft (Office) 365 sold as a subscription service with 1-month or 1-year renewals. Although paying only one time might seem to be a better option, the Microsoft 365 subscription option has its advantages. The Home and Student suite, regularly priced at $149.99, lacks the Outlook, Access, and Publisher applications, as well as 1TB OneDrive cloud storage. You can install the suite only on one laptop, tablet or other PC. Furthermore, active Office 365 subscribers get the future versions of the productivity suite automatically and free of charge, while Office Home and Student users are stuck with their purchased edition.

The full-blown MS Office is available on the Windows PC and Apple Mac computer platforms. The suite is additionally available in form of various business- and enterprise-oriented editions. There’s also a lighter mobile version for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

Again, you can bookmark this page for further updates on 2023 Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Microsoft Office & 365 deals.

Update on 11/23/20023: Updated prices.
Update on 11/12/20023: Added Walmart store deals.

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  1. Esa promoción de 5 años, será legal y directo con el sitio oficial de microsoft?

    Ya que me he topado con páginas fraudulentas ?

  2. Is anyone familiar with Plaza Software? They are offering the 2019 Home & Student version for $24.90 and I’m just curious if anyone can vouch for them.

    • No coupon codes I know of so far. Microsoft Office Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are usually instant savings, without coupon codes required.

  3. What about the free online version of Microsoft word. I have tried it, but have a really hard time sending stuff to people?

  4. I was planning to by the Microsoft 356 and have finally found a good cyber monday deal on it thanks for sharing, Today I have two great deals, One is this one and the other one is of VPN from PureVPN they are offering 88% discount on there 5 year subscription,so it will cost you only $79 for 5 years

    • Just go to the MS Store link in the post above, go to your desired Office edition and there you’ll be presented with option to “buy and download” it. Then just follow their step by step process.

    • I didn’t do a research about that, but in my experience Amazon and Newegg should be good places for USB HDD deals.

    • No coupon codes so far, Microsoft Office deals are usually instant off type. Also, no Cyber Monday deals so far, but stay tuned. Microsoft Store had good CM offers in the past years.

  5. Please suggest a laptop with 17″ screen to be used primarily for surfing the web and viewing digital pictures.

  6. Are you sure you can install 365 personal on laptop and use it on the stream at the same time? I can’t do it with my student 2013 installed on dell venue tablet.

    • Hi, 356 personal includes (quote from Microsoft Store) “Office on 1 PC or Mac plus one iPad or Windows tablet”. I’ve contacted their support to ask about this on the HP Stream tablet specifically and was told I can install Office on an additional computer and manage installs via


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