MSI X370-206US – First AMD E-450-Powered Laptop in US

Today we’ve spotted the first laptop in the US with the AMD E-450 processor – the thin-and-light 13.3″ MSI X370-206US.

The 1.65Ghz dual-core E-450 Fusion APU brings only 0.05GHz clock bump over the older E-350 part used in the old X370, but the news is Turbo feature for on-the-fly optimization of speed of the CPU cores and of the integrated Radeon HD 6320 GPU. According to Mobile Update’s review and benchmarks, the E-450 delivers better performance of around “20 percent” over the E-350.

Another noticeable thing on the E-450 is DDR3 1600MHz support, but it’s not likely that MSI uses high-performance 1600MHz memory modules in a notebook which belongs to the ultra-thin category.

Now, back to the laptop itself. Available details are thin, but we do know the MSI X370-206US features a 1366×768 glossy screen, 4GB RAM, and a 500GB 7,200rpm hard drive. It appears to have the same design as the previous X370 series. This particular model comes in white color, but we have learned that there will be a black model with X370-206US SKU and the same specifications.

The X370-206US is priced at $579.99.

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  1. The X370 was interesting when it had been competing with the old MacBook Air, but now with the new Intel CPUs in Airs these two just can’t compare. Nice price though.


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