No More Classic ThinkPad Laptop Keyboards?

Lenovo Classic ThinkPad Laptop Keyboard
An old-school ThinkPad keyboard.

Lenovo has apparently replaced the legendary classic ThinkPad keyboards with the newer AccuType on the next-generation of their business laptops. The AccuType keyboards with ergonomically shaped isle-style keys have been used only on IdeaPad and ThinkPad Edge notebooks, but it has been also spotted on the first known non-Edge ThinkPad models for 2012. We have noticed the AccuType keyboard on the first published image of the ThinkPad L430/L530 last week, but today we saw that the X230 ultraportable also has AccuType. In addition, the T430u ultrabook is also equipped with the isle-style variant.

Lenovo AccuType Keyboard
A Lenovo AccuType keyboard.

Since the past L-series ThinkPad notebooks have almost the same design as the T and W series ThinkPads, there’s a great possibility that the upcoming T430, T530, and W530 will include AccuType as well.

It will be interesting to see how the market will react on the change, since the old-school ThinkPad keyboards have been considered to be the best in the industry for years.

5 thoughts on “No More Classic ThinkPad Laptop Keyboards?”

  1. I have trouble typing on the accutype keyboard. The space key is the worst, I find myself running words together! And also the keys stutter! I find two of the same letter! Then the keypad. I used to be a keypunch operator, used the number pad a lot.Now with the small zero key, I have to look at the key or I will get nothing! So, I find the keyboard a bit of a problem!

  2. glad I found this. I was thinking about waiting for the W530, but now I know to get the W520 quick before they are gone.

  3. I have been a long time lover of Thinkpad Laptops because of their classic and great design. The Keyboard is very much legendary and ideal. After seeing the X230 and the T430U making this change, I am incredibly dissapointed. I should have seen it coming with the inclusion of the Thinkpad Edge. The fusing of the IdeaPad and Thinkpad line which started the chiclet keys in the Thinkpad line.

    How long before Track Point is gone off Thinkpad? And we are left with yet another Mac Book clone. I bought Thinkpad because I liked the classic design, and because in my mind it was number 1. I actully didn’t mind spending more for a Thinkpad to get this design. But since it’s dead. Might as well spend less Money on an Acer or Dell.

  4. Any chance of a picture that hows the arrow keys and the Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys?


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