Nvidia GeForce 500M Laptop Graphics Series Officially Announced

Nvidia GeForce 500M SeriesNvidia officially announced today the GeForce 500M laptop graphics card series.

The new GPUs include the GeForce GT 540M, GT 550M, and GT 555M for performance notebooks and GeForce GT 520M and 525M for mainstream systems.

The GeForce 500M mobile video cards are DirectX11 capable and incorporate Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics support, 3D Vision 3D technology, support for Nvidia 3DTV Play software for delivering 3D content from a PC to a 3D TV, PhysX physics engine for realistic physics effects, CUDA for general purpose GPU computing applications, and Nvidia Verde notebook drivers.

According to Nvidia, the company has got over 200 design wins from laptop makers for the GeForce 500M GPUs.


3 thoughts on “Nvidia GeForce 500M Laptop Graphics Series Officially Announced”

  1. Since my laptop no have stronger graphic card,can my laptop lenovo g450 install with nvidia laptop graphic card?

  2. Will there ever be a reseller for modern mobile vga cards.Desktop machines really that much differen’t?Such tight arse’s.Sry no other way to put it.Sell mobile upgrade soloutions.If i knew i was never going to be able to upgrade my asus g50 without going though ebay i never would have bought a notebook :-0


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