Mid-Range Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M, 960M Laptop GPUs Coming Soon

Nvidia GeForce 900M - Soon Including GTX 965M 960M

UPDATE: The GPUs are available now.

Laptops with the first mid-range Nvidia GeForce 900M series video cards will hit the market soon, judging from the supported GPU list of the latest Nvidia graphics drivers.

Alongside the previously released high-end GeForce GTX 980M and 970M, the list includes the (upper) mid-range GTX 965M and a SKU which is assumed to be the GTX 960M. The 965M is reportedly based on the same graphics processor as the 980M and 970M. On the GM204 Maxwell GPU. Therefore, it isn’t expected to be much slower than the 970M. On the other hand, the 960M will be apparently successor of the popular GTX 860M used in numerous mid-range gaming laptops, since both video cards are based on the GM107 “Maxwell” core. Kit Guru also mentions a possibility that the GM107-based part could be named GTX 950M. Anyway, the performance gap between the 960M / 950M on one side and 965M on other is expected to be quite noticeable.

There’s no any info on availability dates of laptops with the new GPUs, but given the drivers for them are ready, it safe to assume they will be released soon. Certainly, they will be cheaper than the 980M & 970M-based laptops, which start at around $1,500.

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