No Way to Open Copilot Links with Chrome or Any Browser Other Than Edge

Copilot AI Links open with Edge, not with default browser like Chrome

If you use Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant on your Windows computer, you might have noticed that the web links in the Learn more section of the interface open in the Microsoft Edge browser. The Edge browser is used even if you set the other browser, such as Chrome, as your default in the Windows settings.

At this time, it is not possible to open Copilot AI links in any other browser than the Microsoft Edge.

Here’s what the Copilot AI says when asked “how to open Copilot links with Chrome”.

According to the web search results, there is no easy way to do so currently, as copilot links are designed to open with Microsoft Edge by default. Even if you use some hacks to bypass Edge, copilot may stop working properly.

The best solution for now is to send feedback to Microsoft using the feedback hub on your Windows device, and request them to add an option to choose your preferred browser for Copilot links.

You can also copy and paste the copilot links from Edge to Chrome manually, but this may be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Rcmaehl, author of the MSEdgeRedirect software tool, explains on GitHub that the reason Copilot doesn’t open links with the set default browser is that the AI assistant is basically an Edge Browser window.

MSEdgeRedirect is a tool that redirects links from Windows news, search, widgets, weather and and other Windows features to open in your default browser instead of the Edge. Rcmaehl says the current 0.7.5 version of MSEdgeRedirect is not able to intercept Copilot links, but it will hopefully be able to do so by version 1.0 of the tool.

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