Samsung Series 7 Gamer 3D-Capable Laptop Showed Off

We have reported previously about the newly released Samsung Series 7 17.3-inch gaming laptop, but we didn’t know it will come in a 3D variant also.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

On the IFA 2011 Show, the company is showcasing a Series 7 Gamer model which uses active shutter glasses to display 3D games and movies. The screen is 400nits (full HD, of course) and internal components include the 2nd Gen Core i7 2630QM quad processor, AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics card with 2GB of video memory, and 8GB of RAM expandable to 16GB. The optical drive can play Blu-rays.

For switching between gaming, power saving, and balanced modes, there’s a physical switch.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer Lid

Regrading performance, the Windows Experience Index for the Series 7 Gamer is 5.9 (CPU – 7.4, RAM – 7.6, Windows Aero – 7.6, 3D gaming – 7.6, and HDD – 5.9). The battery life is a little bit more than 2 hours with Windows’ standard Balanced settings and Samsung’s gaming mode combined (this may not be accurate, since we used Windows Battery status icon only for this quick test).

Samsung Series 7-Gamer Windows Experience Index

Overall, the design of the notebook – with some colorful LED lights and specially marked WASD buttons – makes it stand out from the standard laptop crowd, but its elegant on the other side, without unnecessary curves and lines (check out the gallery below).

We don’t know when the Samsung 7 Gamer will hit the market and how much it will cost.

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