Dell G3 17 3779 / G3779 Inexpensive 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

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The Dell G3 17 3779 / G3779 is among the cheapest 17.3-inch gaming laptops. Starting at around $700, the 3779 / G3779 features a Full HD IPS screen and excellent upper-mid-tier video card options – the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and GTX 1060 (Max Q) 6GB, and the 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8300H quad-core or i7-8750H six core processor. The Dell G3 17 3779 / G3779 has two RAM slots. The laptop is offered with up to 16GB of RAM capacity and features dual storage devices. Customers can choose a solid state drive, a hard drive or combination of both. Maximal SSD and HDD capacities are 256GB and 2TB, respectively. Overall, these components ensure comfortable 3D gaming and everyday computing, but the laptop lacks extreme graphics power of the Nvidia GTX 1070 and 1080 video cards. Furthermore, the notebook provides a 4-cell battery with 56 WHr capacity, which isn’t great considering the power-consuming internal parts and large 17.3″ screen. Keyboard backlight is optional on this laptop model. Thunderbolt 3.0 connectivity is also optional.

If this 17.3″ 7.2-pound laptop is too bulky for you, Dell also offers a smaller and lighter version – the 15.6-inch Dell 15 G3 G3579.


Here are the specs of the Dell G3 17 3779 / G3779 with descriptions of its features. For comparison against other laptops, you can use the "Compare Specs" button.


Laptop Type

This laptop features a clamshell-only design, without ability to convert itself into a tablet.

The gaming-class laptop features a fast processor and a powerful video card needed for playing hardware demanding games.
Screen Size

The 17.3-inch screen diagonal means the laptop's display is a large one in comparison to screens of the most laptops.
Screen Resolution

Full HD (FHD) is the most common laptop screen resolution today. It provides a good image sharpness and a decent amount of space on the display for the user interface and programs. However, it isn't as good as the top-tier 4K Ultra HD. On the positive side, FHD tends to consume less power than 4K.

This laptop doesn't support touchscreen input.
Other Display Specs

Displays based on IPS technology provide much wider viewing angles than the budget-class TN screens.

Anti-glare coating reduces ambient light reflections, as opposed to the glare-type displays with more vivid colors.
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5-8300H 8th Gen (decent for heavier tasks, besides enabling effortless daily computing)

Intel Core i7-8750H 8th Gen (decent for heavier tasks, besides enabling effortless daily computing)
Graphics (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 dedicated video card (able to run all games, but may not be smooth on high detail settings in heavy games)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB dedicated video card (able to run all games, but may not be smooth on high detail settings in heavy games)
System Memory (RAM) Size

The 8GB RAM size is the standard one in 2023. It provides comfortable multi-tasking for the most home and office users. Keep in mind that 8GB may be not enough for some demanding programs and many newer games.

16GB and greater RAM sizes are recommended for heavy multitasking, gaming, and specialized programs that require a lot of RAM.
Data Storage

1TB is an excellent storage capacity, but HDD is a slow type of storage.

This is an excellent capacity, but the HDD portion is a slow type of storage.

This is an excellent capacity, but the HDD portion is a slow type of storage.

This is a huge capacity, but the HDD portion is a slow type of storage.
DVD Optical Drive

Keyboard & Input

The keyboard has backlit keys and a separate numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard.

The keyboard has a separate numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard, but it has no keyboard backlight.

The left and right click buttons are built into the surface of the touchpad, as opposed to separate physical buttons.
Speakers & Audio Stereo speakers

As usual, the device features a pair of built-in stereo speakers.

Combo microphone and headphones audio jack

This laptop has the ordinary 3.5mm combo audio jack that supports both headphone output and microphone input simultaneously.
Camera Front-facing web camera

Laptops usually feature a frontal webcam located on the display bezel. This laptop is no exception.
Wi-Fi Wireless 802.11AC

The 802.11AC is the previous-generation wireless networking standard. It's also known as Wi-Fi 5. 802.11AC is succeeded by 802.11AX Wi-Fi 6 with data transfer speed and multi-device connectivity improvements.
Ethernet Network Port Yes

This laptop has an Ethernet LAN port for wired internet and networking connectivity.
Bluetooth Yes

This laptop has a built-in Bluetooth module. It enables you to connect the computer to Bluetooth mice and other Bluetooth peripherals, smartphones, and other Bluetooth-equipped devices.
USB Ports 3 x USB 3.1

Three full-size USB Type A ports.
Video Output Ports 1 x HDMI

HDMI is a widely used digital video output port. You can find HDMI-in ports on most computer monitors and TVs.
Media Card Reader SD card reader

The laptop has a slot for full-size SD memory cards, used in many digital cameras. You can also use microSD cards with a card adapter.
Other Features Thunderbolt 3.0 (optional)

Thunderbolt 3 is a high-speed peripheral connectivity technology for compatible devices. The Thunderbolt connection goes via USB-C interface. Today, a faster Thunderbolt 4 version is available. On this notebook, Thunderbolt is optional.
Battery 56 WHr capacity
Weight 7.3 pounds
Height 1"
Width 16.4"
Depth 11"
Windows Version

Windows 10 Home is aimed at the regular home and office computer users. Only select business users need the Professional edition. Windows 10 Home users are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest Windows 11 Home.

Windows 10 Pro version adds some business-specific features in comparison to the standard Windows Home. Windows 10 Pro upgradeable to the latest Windows 11 Pro for free.
Warranty 1-year

A typical laptop warranty.

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User Reviews and Q&A

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  1. Cody wilson

    Dell g3 3779. I am not familiar with computers so bare with me. I have this 3779 and was wanting to upgrade the hdd. It has no ssd at the time. My thought was upgrade the ram and put in a 1tb ssd and do away with the hdd. Can I do that? Also upgrade the ram, I found compatible crucial ram. I read over 16 is over kill. The computer comes with 8gb already. Do I just buy 1 GB stick as the pc has one already, or do I need two identical 8gb sticks. Many thanks!

    • Cody wilson

      Danijez Z. Please help

    • Danijel Z

      Hi, according to official specs of the G3 3779, the laptop has one M.2 NVMe slot for SSDs, besides the standard 2.5″ bay where your hard drive resides. So, you can keep your existing hard drive and add a compatible M.2 NVMe SSD. Or you can remove your 2.5″ HDD and put a 2.5″ SSD instead.

      As for RAM, you can just add a compatible DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM module with 8GB capacity in the second slot, since the laptop has two RAM slots. So you will have 2 x 8GB = 16GB. This is assuming you currently have 1 x 8GB inside, not 2 x 4GB. According to the specs, the RAM speed is 2666MHz in this case, so it would be good to use a second RAM module with the same 2666MHz speed for maximal performance.


    • Marian Schendel

      I’ll start it from today! 🙂

  2. Derrick

    Storage is confusing. If i use a ssd i cant use one larger than 256 gigs? If i use a hdd i cant use one larger than 2 terabytes? Where does optane fit into this equation? Is there a size limit on that?

    • Danijel Z

      Hi, when configuring the Dell G3 17 3779 on Dell’s official store, there are 4 storage options currently:

      1. 1000GB (1TB) HDD
      2. 1000GB (1TB) HDD + 128GB SSD
      3. 1000GB (1TB) HDD + 256GB SSD
      4. 2000GB (2TB) HDD + 256GB SSD

      (The previously listed 256GB SSD only option is no longer available).

      Now, the setup & specs guide for this model, also lists a 512GB solid state drive and a 1-Terabyte hybrid HDD/SSD drive options, but they are not available for purchase (at least not for now). Link:

      2TB is the maximum hard drive capacity available for this laptop model. It is offered only in combination with a 256GB SSD.

      The guide also mentions two Intel Optane memory options: 16GB and 32GB. However, Optane isn’t available on this model at the time of this comment. So, I removed it from the specs. Sorry if that confused you, it shouldn’t be listed on this page if it isn’t available. According to the guide, Optane uses the available M.2 SSD slot. Even if it becomes available, you won’t be able to have Optane and SSD, but only HDD + Optane or HDD + SSD. That’s because there’s only one M.2 slot for either SSD or Optane.

      I hope this helps.

    • ChicagoCub

      Right. So Optane Memory just improves the speed of your HDD basically mimicking an SSD. Obviously you’d rather have an actual SSD instead of Optane but its more expensive. Similarly there’s no need for Optane if your rig already has an SSD. Even a 128 SSD is better than a 32 Optane.