HP 15-f222wm 15.6″ Laptop (Touchscreen, Windows 10 Home, Intel Pentium N3540 CPU, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive)

HP 15-f222wm 15.6 Laptop, Touchscreen, Windows 10 Home, Intel Pentium N3540 Quad-Core Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive

Walmart has in its 2016 Black Friday catalog an HP “Special Value” touch notebook model for $249. It is actually the HP 15-f222wm 15.6″ laptop with touchscreen, Intel Pentium N3540 quad-Core processor, 4GB memory, a 500GB hard drive, and Windows 10 Home operating system.

The N3540 processor from the entry-level Pentium “Bay Trail” series provides basic performance, but satisfactory for the daily computing chores. You can read more about it in this review. Generally, it can handle well the web surfing, productivity apps like Word and Excel, video playbacks, and similar tasks, as well as some casual gaming. 4GB of RAM is enough for moderate multitasking. The 500GB HDD at 5,400rpm is quite capacious for most users, but also a slow storage device. The HP 15-f222wm has a built-in DVD burner drive.

For the keyboard, the $249 15″ 15-f222wm has a full-size one with chiclet keys and separate numeric pad. The pointing device is a multi-touch trackpad with traditional physical “mouse” buttons. However, input-wise the star of the show is the touchscreen, which is a rare feature on the cheap full-size notebook PCs. Other than that, the display isn’t anything special. As expected, the screen resolution is a mediocre but common one at 1366-by-768 pixels.

Battery life provided by the built-in 3-cell unit can last up to 5 hours, according to the official specs sheet.

The Laptop has dual speakers, a basic 0.3-megapixel camera for video chats, two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 connector, HDMI video jack for external displays, a multiformat media card reader, and a combo audio port.

Specifications of the HP 15-f222wm

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Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1366×768 pixels (HD)



Other Display Specs

TN display tech (narrower viewing angles than IPS)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Pentium N3540 “Bay Trail” Quad-Core 2.16-2.66GHz 2MB Cache (~1,850 PassMark benchmark points)

Graphics (GPU)

Intel HD Integrated Graphics

System Memory (RAM)




DVD Optical Drive

DVD writer


Non-backlit keyboard with numeric pad
Multi-touch trackpad with physical buttons

Speakers and Audio

Stereo speakers





Ethernet LAN


3G - 4G Mobile Broadband





2 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0

Video Ports

1 x HDMI

Media Card Reader

Yes (SD card reader)


“Up to 5 hours” of battery life


5 pounds







Windows Version

Windows 10 Home



User reviews, comments, and Q&A on the HP 15-f222wm

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2.50 out of 5
(6 user reviews)

  1. Abdelrasoul, Mohamed – January 12, 2017:

    Can it work on 220 v AC?

  2. 4 out of 5

    Ivan – December 2, 2016:

    Diablo 3?

  3. Danijel Z – November 24, 2016:

    NOTE BY LAPTOPING: The comments below aren’t necessarily related to the 15-f222wm model, since this page was initially created for the very similar 15-f211wm from the 2015 Black Friday ad. The older model has a slower Celeron processor as the main difference.

  4. 1 out of 5

    paul – November 19, 2016:

    freezes constantly rebooting all the time ,ms10 windows garbage reminds me of windows 98 .software options gone, what use to be free you now have to pay for. Cortana i find useless. my printer-scanner-copier no longer works right etc etc etc. junk

  5. wanda – November 29, 2015:

    Do you have to purchase any office products separately? Is the full version of windows 10 and Microsoft office installed?

  6. 1 out of 5

    Den Watt – November 28, 2015:

    What is the deal with the Synaptic mouse and touch pad. I have a Toshita with the same set up and it is so frustrating to use!! Makes an otherwise good entry laptop a fish weight.

  7. 4 out of 5

    Kevin Gantt – November 27, 2015:

    I purchased the laptop today and was very excited to get home and try it out. Everything worked fine except one of the pixels in the center of the screen is out. I have a bright pink dot in the middle of my screen. It’s not a huge issue and most would probably just let it go, unfortunately my OCD won’t allow me that opportunity. Tomorrow I will be back at Walmart fighting the crowds to see if I can get it replaced.
    Besides the pixel issue everything else seemed to work wonderfully. It was extremely fast and at this point I would definitely recommend this product to others.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Ali – November 27, 2015:

    I got it today, and so far it doesn’t seem bad. All I wanted was to be able to surf the net, stream a video here or there, and type an occasional document once or twice a month, and it seems more than capable of doing those things. My only real complaint is that my last two laptops have been on the smaller side, and not only has the bigger keyboard taken a little getting used to, my 33 year old self had to take my glasses OFF to actually read things on the screen at normal default size.

  9. 1 out of 5

    Justin – February 19, 2015:

    I purchased this laptop 1. Because it was a great steal being only $250 2. Because I love HP laptops. and 3. Because my old HP laptop (G60) quit working properly after it took a tumble down some steps. Because my old HP laptop worked perfectly/quickly from 2009- 2014 I thought for sure this HP laptop wouldn’t let me down either… I was wrong

    I’ve given this laptop one star because it is honestly a piece of junk. It freezes constantly, at times the arrow for the mouse will not show up on the screen, it’s EXTREMELY slow while loading, it picks up commands slowly, and the camera quality is beyond poor. Yes this laptop is inexpensive, but it’s not worth it. Spend a little more and buy a better laptop PLEASE!!

    Pros- the external design

  10. Danijel Z – November 28, 2014:

    @Rose: Yes, it does. Built into the top screen bezel. It’s isn’t a high-quality one, though. Only a 0.3MP sensor.

  11. Rose – November 28, 2014:

    Does it have a web cam?

  12. Danijel Z – November 27, 2014:

    @Roger S: As far as I know, Square doesn’t support Windows OS.
    Here’s the supported devices page. Only iOS and Android are listed. https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/3887-devices-compatible-with-square-register

    The laptop has a small 0.3MP camera sensor, so any iPad will have a better picture quality than the HP.

    Wi-Fi wireless is supported via a built-in Wi-Fi module.

    If the printer supports printing from Windows and you have all the drivers in check, you can print.

  13. Roger S – November 27, 2014:

    looking for something to use in my new business

    Can I use it with the new Square tech for accepting credit card payments

    Does the camera work similar to the one on the I pad

    Can you connect to wireless for WiFi

    Can I print what’s on the screen to my wireless printer

  14. Danijel Z – November 22, 2014:

    @zz: Yes, you can, at about 25 frames per second on low settings and 1280×720 resolution.

  15. zz – November 18, 2014:

    can you play league of legends on this thing?

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