DesktopLinux: Dell’s Linux PCs Coming This Month

Linux Tux on Dell LaptopThe pre-installed Linux on Dell Inc’s notebook and desktop computers may be coming before the end of April, DesktopLinux’s sources say.

“We still do not know which Linux Dell Inc. will be installing on its desktops and laptops. Among the distributions we know to be under consideration are: Novell/SUSE, Red Hat, Fedora, openSUSE, and Ubuntu. It would be safe to say now, though, that Ubuntu will be at least one of the Linuxes that Dell will be offering,” DesktopLinux claims.

The web-site also reports Michael S. Dell, president and CEO of Dell Inc, uses Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Linux operating system on his personal Precision M90 notebook computer. Along with the latest Ubuntu version, released this week, Dell uses software such as VMWare Workstation 6 Beta, and 2.2, Automatix2, Firefox and Evolution Groupware 2.10, according to his biography.

Dell Inc. has confirmed last month it will offer laptop and desktop computers with factory installed Linux operating system, after the thousands of company’s IdeaStorm Blog visitors voted for that idea.

Correction: After the comments on this item we have replaced in third paragraph “…Dell uses open source software such as VMWare Workstation 6 Beta…” with “…Dell uses software such as VMWare Workstation 6 Beta…”. Sorry for this mistake. Thank You very much.

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10 thoughts on “DesktopLinux: Dell’s Linux PCs Coming This Month”

  1. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any decent drivers for my M6300 for Fedora9.

    I work in a Microsoft World, meaning I need to RDP into Win 2003 servers and XP Machines to do anything productive.

    This proves to be an issue because there is no acceptable software to RDP into a windows machine.

    Not a heartstop, but without any drivers to enable desktop effects on a Quadro FX 1600 M, I’m left with a vanilla install of Fedora.

    Using Ubuntu, it would in the past download the non free driver for the video card, but as of this week, that is no longer possible.

    I would LOVE to move to Fedora, and would prefer to stay away from Ubuntu if possible, but it doesn’t look like it will be an option any time soon.

  2. can u get both windows xp and linux?

    just some programs work on windows and not on linux!

  3. Vmware is not even close to opensource software. The fact that it runs on Linux doesn’t say anything about it’s development model!

  4. VMWare Workstation is neither open source nor free software, and DesktopLinux never claimed that. Perhaps you should update the article :)

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