About Laptoping


Laptoping started as a laptop-related news blog in 2006. Over time, it became a website with the main focus on the most popular kind of laptop computers – Windows laptops. They are also known as laptop PCs.

Laptop PCs help so many people with their daily chores, learning, and expressing creativity. And, despite great popularity of smartphones and their larger siblings – tablets, laptop PCs are still the main communication and entertainment devices of many.

On Laptoping, we do our best to present these devices, Windows operating system, and laptop computing topics in a simple, easy-to-understand way for the beginner and average user.

We would like to say thanks to all visitors for reading our posts. Also, thank you for contributing to Laptoping with your opinions and shared knowledge in the comments and user review sections. You have helped us a lot to keep Laptoping alive and definitely made it a more useful online resource.

Also, we want to thank laptop manufacturers and advertisers for making the website possible.

And thanks to User Benchmark for gathering thousands of processor and graphics benchmarks, which are oftentimes cited on this website.

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