Intel Atom Z3795 with 64-bit Windows Benchmarked: 4GB RAM Support, No Speed Boost

Intel Atom Z3795

The Intel Atom Z3795 processor for tablets made its debut last month when HP unveiled its business-use ElitePad 1000 and ProPad 600 models. They both include the quad-core Z3795, which is the first processor from the Bay Trail family to be used with 64-bit version of Windows. Previously, computer makers had been offering only 32-bit Windows on tablets with Bay Trail chips, the older Z3740 and Z3770(D), although they support 64-bit computing. (Thanks to Jay who pointed out in a comment that the Z3795 isn’t the first 64-bit Bay Trail CPU, as we previously reported. The Z3795, Z3740, and Z3770(D) are all 64-bit processors).

Going from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows on the Bay Trail tablets enables use of 4GB of RAM. The Win 32-bit / Atom Z3740 and Z3770(D) based tablets on the market have only 2GB of RAM and therefore aren’t suitable for any heavier multitasking. To remind you, maximum RAM supported by 32-bit operating systems and processors in general is about 3GB.

According to the first benchmark of the Z3795 on the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 with 64-bit Windows 8.1, the CPU/OS combination doesn’t bring performance improvements. A result from the Geekbench benchmark database shows similar results to those of the Atom Z3770 with 32-bit Windows 8.1 in the HP Omni 10 tablet. In some tasks the Z3795 is even slower although it has a higher base clock speed of 1.6GHz. Maximal clock, in the so called burst mode, is up to 2.39GHz on both chips and they both have 2MB cache and Intel HD integrated graphics. On the other side, the Z3795 & 64-bit Windows shine in Geekbench’s memory performance test, noticeably outpacing the Z3770 on 32-bit OS.

Anyway, the new Atom, as same as the older one, is quite good for routine daily tasks an average user might throw at it, such as web browsing, multimedia playback including 1080p videos, and office productivity.

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8 thoughts on “Intel Atom Z3795 with 64-bit Windows Benchmarked: 4GB RAM Support, No Speed Boost”

  1. If you’re looking at the smaller tablets that are using Z3735, the D and F versions do 2Gb Ram, E and G versions only 1Gb.

  2. The “D” suffix Bay Trail Ts can only address 2Gb RAM, those without a letter suffix can address 4Gb. The D-suffix CPUs can are 1066MHz memory users, no suffix CPUs ar64e 1333MHz capable. Sum result is that 64-bit can’t address more than 2Gb on D chips anyway, and their memory bandwidth is throttled to 10.6Gb/s compared to 17.1Gb/s for those that can use 4Gb RAM. Lots of variables apart from standard clock/boost frequency.

  3. Hi,

    The HP Omni 10 has 2GB of RAM. The Elitepad has 4GB. So does it mean that if you had the z3770(on the Omni) with 4GB of ram, you would get almost similar performance in the memory test?

  4. I really wish you tech writers would get your facts straight. the Atom Z3795 IS NOT the first 64 bit BayTrail chip. The z3740 and z3770 are BOTH 64 bit chips. OEM’s chose to use 32 bit Windows instead of 64 bit, even though those 2 chips supported 64 bit Windows. I’ve seen too many of you tech guys getting your facts wrong and it’s misleading the non tech savy public.

    • You’re mistaken. Only half what you say is true (yes Z3770 is 64-bit, technically speaking), but OEMS (not to be spelled OEM’s please) are not the ones to blame. Intel made it so that those early Z3770s could NOT run Win 64, period. Not OEMs. Chipmaker and Microsoft, not OEMs. So get your facts right before bragging and shredding others.

      • Really? Try read this …

        Intel didn’t limit the early Z37xx to run only in 32 bit mode. The OS limitation did. We all know that Bay Trail support connected standby mode. Apparently, Windows 8 only support this connected standby in 32 bit (with 64 bit version following later on). That’s why all previous Bay Trail tablets use 32 bit version of Windows (hence using only 2 GB of RAM since 4 is useless without 64 bit). To utilize connected standby feature like all Android tablets (and iPad) did.

        Now that it looks like the 64 bit version which support connected standby is ready, OEM can use it on their newest product.


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