Nvidia GeForce GT 540M Laptop GPU Released

Nvidia GeForce GT 540MNvidia has launched the GeForce GT 540M, the company’s first GeForce 500M laptop graphics series GPU.

According to Nvidia, the mid-range GeForce GT 540M “delivers a significant increase in fill-rate and memory bandwidth”, while staying in the power envelope of the previous generation chips. The laptop video card is based on 40nm production process and has 96 processor cores and a 128-bit memory interface supporting GDDR5 and DDR3.

The graphics, processor, and memory are clocked at 672MHz, 1344MHz, and up to 900MHz, respectively.

The GT 540M supports DirectX 11, Nvidia Optimus, PhysX, 3D Vision, 3DTV Play, and CUDA technologies, as well as Nvidia Verde drivers.

The first notebooks with the new graphics are available in China, with worldwide availability to follow next month.


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  1. So which graphics memory will Dell go for? The cheaper & slower GDDR3 or GDDR5 which is faster and more expensive?


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