Sony VAIO FW Series Overview

Sony VAIO FW Series VGN FW139E/H FW145E/W FW190EBH FW190EDHThe newly designed Sony VAIO FW Series multimedia-oriented notebook, which features a 16.4-inch display and Intel’s Centrino 2 technology, is now available for preorder.

The VAIO FW includes the latest Intel Core 2 Duo 45-nanometer processor, the GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics, up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, and up to 400GB of hard drive storage. The laptop comes with a DVD burner, Blu-Ray burner or Blu-Ray combo drive, depending on configuration.

Notebook’s 16.4″ screen has a resolution of 1600-by-900 pixels and a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, since many films are shot with that ratio. The most of the notebooks in the market use a 16:10 ratio.

Other features of the Sony VAIO FW include the WiFi Link 5100AGN (802.11a/b/g/n) wireless module, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a 56K modem, as well as Dolby Sound Room Audio, a built-in web camera, HDMI and VGA outputs, 3 USB ports, ExpressCard, Memory Stick Duo, and Secure Digital slots, and a Firewire port.

Sony says the estimated battery life for the VAIO FW is up to 4 hours with a standard capacity battery and up to 6 hours with an extended unit.

The laptop starts at 6.47 pounds and runs Windows Vista operating system.

Sony’s VAIO FW can be preordered through the company’s online store for a starting price of $1,059.99. It will ship in early August.

Sony VAIO FW Series*
(some models)
CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo) P8400
Memory (DDR2) 3GB 3GB 4GB 4GB
Storage (HDD) 250GB 320GB 400GB 320GB
Optical Drive DVD burner DVD burner Blu-Ray Combo DVD burner
Color Titanium Gray  Powder White Titanium Gray Titanium Gray
Current Price (US$) 1149.99 1199.99 1769.99 1199.99

*Sony also offers the VAIO FW VGN-FW190 Configure-to-Order model, with a basic price of $1,059.99.

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5 thoughts on “Sony VAIO FW Series Overview”

  1. Hi, I changed the windows on my viao fw and the function keys stopped working, n e body has n e idea what i should do?

  2. I just purchased a FW-140E at Best Buy for only $799.99. (Online it shows $999.99, but in store it’s less!) It’s a GREAT system and probably the best you can get at this price break! I love it!

    It’s a little Choppy in UT3, but I can scale back the graphics some. But other than that, I have no problems with it whatsoever!

  3. JERiv,
    Thanks for the info. As an update, I’ve had this laptop freeze up several times on me now. All I’ve loaded on it is MS Office 2007, Symantec anti-virus, ObjectDock and a cheap and dated game (Axis and Allies). I’ve had to call tech spt several times as well and their initial solutions failed. These included disengaging start up programs during boot up and resetting the C-Drive to factory settings. The reset process froze up after hitting 5%. The latest fix is to send me a bootable disk. I’m hoping this will fix will make this thing perform like it looks. In addition the tech rep said they can calibrate (my word) the 4200 rpm HDD to turn at a faster rate (up to 7200 rpm) through the BIOS and without risk to the system. Seems a bit odd. If this were true why wouldn’t they just send them out from the factory this way? It can’t just be an issue of reduced battery life.

  4. MJH – OCZ has just released a new 250 gb solid state drive (will ship in sept.), if there was a drive to upgrade to that would be the one, as long as you have the bank.
    I’ve been considering purchasing this laptop for a little while now, however there are is one major concern the video card. The ATI video card is definitely on the lite end and therefore will need a replacement/upgrade but Sony technical support insists that this is not possible. I would be very surprised if the motherboard did not have a mxm slot, and furthermore if the mxm slot was not occupied by the ATI card. Ive been on the horn with the folks over at Sony but i don’t think any of them are really qualified to accurately answer my questions, so i shall keep trying until i get the answers i need.

  5. I just picked up a FW-190 EBH (T9400, 4GB RAM) after cancelling a Dell 1530 XPS order. Dell had delayed shipment due to several components not being available. I love this laptop, the screen is wonderful and the ergonomics are great. I only had one reservation prior to purchase: the 400gb HDD. It is only a 4200rpm device. I’m not sure how much of a problem that will be yet. If anyone has an opinion on this or a recommended future upgrade for this HDD, please let me know.


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