ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03 Cheap 11.6″ Laptop (Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Windows 10 S)

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The ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03 is a very affordable mini-laptop. With a price of around $200, the E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03 offers basic performance and a small 11.6-inch display in a slim and “featherweight” package made of plastics. The 2.2 pound notebook with a 0.7″ thin profile packs the Intel dual-core Celeron N3350 2.4 GHz processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and 64GB of EMMC internal storage with “app-based” Windows 10 S operating system installed.

The Intel Celeron N3350 is an entry-level laptop processor. It is suitable only for the usual non-demanding PC tasks like web browsing with a few browser tabs opened, work in office-type productivity applications, or movie playback. The included RAM size of 4GB is the minimum on today’s notebook market, but it’s large enough for moderate multi-tasking with a couple of programs running simultaneously. As for 64GB of internal eMMC storage, it is quite limited by modern notebook standards, but you can expand it using laptop’s microSD card reader. The display of the ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03 is a common budget-class 11.6″ panel with HD 1366-by-768-pixel resolution and narrow “TN” viewing angles. The included battery provides a decent capacity of 38 WHr, which is claimed to deliver “up to 10 hours” of battery life.

As for Windows 10 S OS version, it’s worth noting that 10 S runs only Windows Store apps, not the traditional Windows programs. To run old-school programs like Chrome web browser, Photoshop etc, you’ll have to upgrade 10 S to full-blown Windows 10. Microsoft says Windows 10 S is upgradeable to full Windows 10 (Pro) free of charge through March 31st, 2018.

Regarding differences between the E203NA-YS02 and E203NA-YS03 models, we weren’t able to identify any. Their available specs sheets are identical.

ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02, E203NA-YS03 2

Specifications of the ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03

Here are the specs of the ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03 with descriptions of its features. For comparison against other laptops, you can use the "Compare Specs" button.

Brand Asus
Laptop Type Ultraportable (small laptop)

The light weight and small dimensions make this ultraportable laptop easy to carry around or travel with.
Screen Size 11.6-inch

This is a very small display size, given the most frequently used laptop screen size is 15.6".
Screen Resolution 1366x768 pixels HD

This is an entry-level screen resolution, oftentimes found on budget laptops. It doesn't deliver picture sharpness and space on the screen like the Full HD or higher resolution laptop displays do.
Touchscreen No

This laptop doesn't support touchscreen input.
Other Display Specs TN type

Displays based on the old TN technology lack wide viewing angles you can find on IPS screens. The colors may look washed out or inverted at certain viewing angles.
Processor (CPU) Intel Celeron N3350 (able to complete everyday tasks, but can be sluggish)
Graphics (GPU) Intel HD integrated graphics of low-end CPUs (only for the lightest gaming)
System Memory (RAM) Size 4GB RAM

4GB is a small RAM size for computing in 2022. For smooth operation of a laptop during everyday tasks, at least 8GB is recommended.
Data Storage 64GB eMMC

A very small but usable capacity.
DVD Optical Drive None
Keyboard & Input Non-backlit keyboard without dedicated number pad

The keyboard has no backlit keys and no separate numeric pad you can usually find on the right side of the keyboard on many laptop models.

Touchpad with click buttons built into the surface

The left and right click buttons are built into the surface of the touchpad, as opposed to separate physical buttons.
Speakers & Audio Stereo speakers

As usual, the device features a pair of built-in stereo speakers.
Camera Front-facing web camera

Laptops usually feature a frontal webcam located on the display bezel. This laptop is no exception.
Wi-Fi Wireless 802.11AC

The 802.11AC is the previous-generation wireless networking standard. It's also known as Wi-Fi 5. 802.11AC is succeeded by 802.11AX Wi-Fi 6 with data transfer speed and multi-device connectivity improvements.
Bluetooth Yes

This laptop has a built-in Bluetooth module. It enables you to connect the computer to Bluetooth mice and other Bluetooth peripherals, smartphones, and other Bluetooth-equipped devices.
Ethernet Network Port No

This laptop has no Ethernet LAN port for wired internet and networking connectivity.
USB Ports 1 x USB-C

A compact type of USB port, commonly found in modern laptops and phones.

2 x USB 3.1

A pair of full-size USB ports.
Video Output Ports 1 x HDMI

HDMI is a widely used digital video output port. You can find HDMI-in ports on most computer monitors and TVs.
Media Card Reader MicroSD card reader

The laptop has a slot for MicroSD memory cards. These are small SD cards commonly used in smartphones.
Battery "up to 10 hours" of battery life

38 WHr
Weight 2.2 pounds
Height 0.7"
Width 11.3"
Depth 7.6"
Windows Version
Warranty 1-year

A typical laptop warranty length.

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User Reviews and Q&A on the ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 / E203NA-YS03

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  1. John Kimble

    Here is the difference between the two laptops:

    As you can see, the YS02 version of this laptop uses a more power-hungry form of RAM, while the YS03 version of this laptop uses a more power-efficient form of ram, called LPDDR3 (Low Power DDR3). I might be wrong on this, but I just do not see what else the difference could be. Even the Amazon store pages for these laptops have this distinction when describing the type of RAM that they use. It is unlikely that Asus would bother spending the time to show a difference when describing the RAM that the two models use. I hope this helped.

    Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction...


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