Ematic EWT147 Cheap 14.1″ Laptop PC (Intel Atom CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Flash Storage)

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The Ematic EWT147 is a very cheap laptop PC. It is usually priced at only around $150. The Ematic EWT147 provides Windows 10 experience running on basic computer components in a 14-inch notebook form factor.

The 14″ display of the Ematic EWT147 has an entry-level HD screen resolution which lacks sharpness of Full HD and higher-resolution panels. The non-touch screen is based on TN technology, which means narrower viewing angles than on the IPS-powered displays you can find on pricier laptops. However, the screen specs of the Ematic EWT147 are typical for the extremely affordable notebook category.

Inside its plastic chassis, the EWT147 packs very basic computing parts. The system is built upon the Intel Atom X5 Z8350 processor released in 2016. It is a quad-core CPU, but nevertheless provides only the lowest-end performance. The chip can handle well only the lightest computing tasks like web surfing, MS Office document editing, or movie playback. But even then, user experience is noticeably less smooth than on the full-blown laptop processors such as the Intel Core series. RAM size of 4GB is decent, given that many models in the sub-200-dollar price range have only 2GB. 4GB is, however, the bare minimum for multi-tasking under Windows 10. This RAM size is large enough for running only a couple of apps simultaneously. The weakest link of the computing system is its small eMMC Flash-type data storage device with a capacity of only 32GB. 32GB is enough only for the pre-loaded Windows 10 and quite limited amounts of installed programs and user files. At least, Ematic has provided a microSD card slot in which you can insert a microSD card (up to 64GB capacity) to expand the cramped internal storage.

The Ematic EWT147 comes with a decently capacious 9000 mAh battery, but there is no info on battery life for this model. What’s also missing from the official specs sheets of the notebook are its dimensions and weight. But based on the looks and used components, the laptop certainly belongs to the thin-and-light category.

Specifications of the Ematic EWT147

Here's the specs sheet of the Ematic EWT147. For comparison against other laptops, use the "Compare Specs" button.

Laptop Type

Standard laptop

Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1366×768 pixels (HD)



Other Display Specs

TN display tech (narrower viewing angles than IPS)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad-core 1.44-1.92GHz 2MB cache (User Benchmark CPU score: 14)

Graphics (GPU)

Intel HD integrated graphics of low-end CPUs (User Benchmark GPU score: 1 – 2)

System Memory (RAM)




DVD Optical Drive



Non-backlit keyboard without numeric pad
Multi-touch trackpad with integrated buttons

Speakers and Audio

Stereo speakers
Combo microphone and headphones audio jack


VGA 480p



Ethernet LAN





1 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0

Video Ports

1 x mini HDMI

Media Card Reader

Yes (MicroSD)


9000 mAh

Windows Version

Windows 10 Home



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Written by Dan Z on June 12, 2019

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