HP Envy 17t (17t-n100) 17.3″ Premium Laptop (Intel i7, Nvidia 950M, 16GB RAM, 4TB HDD or 512GB SSD)

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The HP Envy 17t (17t-n100) series released in 2015 is a luxury desktop replacement notebook PC. This $1,000+ laptop features a big 17.3-inch display with a crispy wide viewing angle Full HD IPS display, robust Bang & Olufsen sound system with four speakers and a subwoofer, premium-class chassis made of aluminum, keyboard illumination, and excellent internal components, especially in the storage department.

Computing relies on the powerful 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor, paired with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 2GB GDDR5 video card for a better-than-average gaming performance. Capacious 16GB RAM memory is standard on all configurations, meaning enough headroom for heavy multitasking. But, the star of the show is storage capacity of HP’s Envy 17t-n100. Configurations with dual 2-Terabyte hard drives, provide leading laptop storage capacity on the market of 4 Terabytes. Optionally, you can have faster solid state drive storage instead of HDD, but in that case maximum capacity is 512GB.

HP Envy 17t - 17t-n100 Laptop 2

Besdies the aforementioned specs, the 17t-n100 also features a DVD writer optical drive, a 720p web camera, 802.11AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections, Ethernet LAN network port, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI video out port, a media card reader, and a 2-in-1 combo microphone / headphones jack.

According to HP, the included 6-cell 62 WHr battery can provide “up to 9 hours and 30 minutes” of battery life. However, you certainly won’t be able to run games or perform other intensive tasks for that long if you’re disconnected from a power outlet.

The notebook weighs in at 6.5 pounds and is 1.2″ thick, which are common physical characteristics of desktop replacement-class laptops.

HP Envy 17t - 17t-n100 Laptop 3

Specifications of the HP Envy 17t (17t-n100)

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Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1920×1080 pixels (Full HD)



Other Display Specs

IPS display tech (wide viewing angles)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Core i7-6700HQ 6th Gen Skylake quad-core 2.6-3.5GHz 6MB cache (~8,000 PassMark CPU benchmark points)

Graphics (GPU)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 2GB GDDR5 Dedicated Video Card

System Memory (RAM)



~4000GB (4TB) HDD

DVD Optical Drive

DVD writer


Backlit keyboard with numeric pad
Multi-touch trackpad with integrated buttons

Speakers and Audio

Stereo speakers with subwoofer
Combo microphone and headphones audio jack





Ethernet LAN




Mobile Broadband (3G, 4G LTE)



4 x USB 3.0

Video Ports

1 x HDMI

Media Card Reader

Yes (SD card reader)


6-cell 62 WHr, "Up to 9 hours and 30 minutes" of battery life


6.5 pounds







Windows Version

Windows 10 Home



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Written by on November 27, 2015

User reviews, comments, and Q&A on the HP Envy 17t (17t-n100)

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3.00 out of 5
(6 user reviews)

  1. Devil’s Drill

    Hey does this laptop have type c port????????????????????

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    Mr RTB

    VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! Total lack of any kind of customer support from HP. All support are from help screens or look it up yourself. Initial versions of WINDOWS 10 were essentially BETA test versions where half the functionality didn’t work. The premium price for the “TOUCHSCREEN” feature and super speedy system is non existent. The Touchscreen never worked and the keyboard cant keep up with the typing, often missing words and letters. The browser interface is totally lacking! after getting to a screen, often login screen, and positioning the cursor to the appropriate input area, then start typing the login or password, often times nothing is entered as the cursor has disappeared to some unknown position causing another reposition and waiting until the system will allow keying entry.
    The original system would not start up properly right from the start. Initial contact for support from HP indicated that there was a virus in the software. Being that it was the original install, that meant the HP is shipping new system with built in VIRUSES right from the manufacturer. After waiting and getting a replacement startup system for my system, the system was only setup with one drive when it was supposed to be a dual drive system. There is no documentation included with the system. I was finally able to identify that there was a second drive in the system, but it was never formatted or setup from the get go. I have not found an option to use the second drive as a mirrored backup drive to the main drive. I have tried finding keyboard drivers to replace the malfunctioning input and so far have been unsuccessful to fix the problem. I am still trying to finally look into why the TOUCHSCREEN functionality on the system is not working, even in tablet mode.
    Very Disappointing after having Compaq/HP computers for the past 20 years. Based on my current experiences, I would no longer recommend HP computers.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    This is a good Laptop but to reach it’s full hardware capabilities it must be paired with SSD’s who in the hell needs 2~2TB HDD spinning @ 5400RPM. C:\Drive can be an 500GB (net 468GB) SSD and D:\Drive should be 1TB SSD (net 960GB) and you will be pretty much set to go. I agree SATA III @ 6GB transfer rate will become obsolete soon, but as of this notation I can’t find a Laptop with a bus of PCIE with dual drives.

    Also as an alternative you could convert the DVD slot into a 3rd. drive bay as a DVD player supports SATA III. to convert buy a DVD Caddy drop a 500GB SSD in the caddy and now you have that additional storage if need, you have 4~3.0~SS-USB Ports to utilize anyway!

    The HP Envy with the right Drives makes this really a “Power House” Laptop for around 1K not bad.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    The HP Envy (17t-n100) has 2 HDD bays to hold Two 2-TB 2.5″ HDD.
    As of Jan 2016 there is no internal 4TB 2.5″ Hard drive.
    The only 4TB 2.5 inch drive that was just released is a 15mm hight drive and is only used as an external drive.
    All laptop internal drives use the 9mm hight standard.
    The 17t-n100 also supports 1 SSD 850 M.2 drive that comes in 2 sizes a 256gb and a 500 GB.
    when using the 2TB 4500 rpm drive the computer runs slow as the hard drive is a slow drive.
    when this computer is setup with the SSD drive the computer runs like a rabbit and boot time is less than 30 seconds and all windows pop up like crazy.
    You could get a 2TB SSD for about $600
    or a 900GB for about $250, it make this computer run crazy fast. But you can’t order it that way.
    The way to order this is the full boat getting all the drives.
    I found that if you did not order the second 2.5 inch drive it is almost impossible to install one as HP has no parts for it.
    They don’t sell the hard drive mounting bracket and its not the same as the 1st hard drive, go figure.
    the only part they sell is the hard drive ribbon cable that is a 1 inch ribbon cable for $75 and you need to go to Alibaba china to get the hard drive connector for $55 and about $30 in DHL shipping.
    Once its set with the SSD drives it works well.

  5. Craig

    Hi can this model be purchased in Australia, or does anyone know of a seller that will ship to Australia?

  6. Rated 1 out of 5


    I ordered the 4 TB hard drive and only got 2 TB hard drive. After nearly two weeks of battling HP and getting my credit card company involved, I got a replacement- another computer with only a 2 TB hard drive. Since then, I’ve read customer reviews on other websites and this seems to be a common occurrence. I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who got the 4 TB hard drive.

    • Julie

      I also ordered the 4TB hard drive and only received 2 TB.

    • Julie

      Baruta, I just finished a chat session with HP. Turns out in my case my hard drive is in 2 separate 2TB partitions. The tech support rep went to Disk Management and it was visible there but was not formatted. He formatted it and assigned it a drive letter. Now it appears in the regular file explorer. Maybe this could help you too!

    • John Murray

      specs for HDD and SSD for Envy 17t n100 CTO

      Single HDD configurations
      Support for the following single hard drive configurations
      ● 2-TB, 5400-rpm, 9.5-mm
      ● 1-TB, 5400-rpm, 9.5-mm
      ● 750-GB, 5400-rpm, 9.5-mm
      SSHD configurations
      ● 1-TB 5400-rpm 9.5–mm SSHD w/8 GB NAND
      Dual storage configurations
      ● 1-TB + 256 GB M.2 SATA SSD (TLC)
      ● 4-TB: 2-TB (5400-rpm) x 2
      SSD configurations
      , (available for i7 + GTX PCA)
      ● 512 GB M.2 SATA SSD (TLC)
      ● 128 GB M2 SATA-3 (TLC)
      ● 128 GB M2 SATA-3 (TLC) value
      I’m waiting for the laptop to arrive I order with the Dual drive 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD.
      There is a dual 2TB HDD that brings it to 4TB.
      From my investigation into drives a 2nd one can be added using a PCIe slot.(M.2 SATA-3(TLC))
      Manual http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04696907
      Good Luck

    • Rated 3 out of 5

      Bozena Siemion

      I thought I also did not get two drives but it results that one of them was not mapped. The HP tech was able to map the drive remotely and now both drives are working.
      You can do it yourself if you know how to map them. Press and hold Windows key and then press X. Select disk management from the list. it should list all the disks for you. There should be two volumes on 1830 gb or so. On my laptop one of them was mapped and the other has not.

      Another issue I have is that the MS Office license it came with was stolen (already registered by someone) and HP has not been able to resolve it after transferring me over and over from “specialist:” to “specialist” for more than and hour.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5


    The quad core CPU is adequate for 90% of consumers and you’ll definitely love the speed. It won’t run games or graphics design programs as well as higher clocked CPUs but HP is trying to save money by limiting options, oh well. The RAM is more than adequate, 8GB is actually fine unless you do graphics design/game/likes to have an unreasonable amount of programs running simultaneously so 16GB means you’ll upgrade to a new laptop before you need more RAMs. The graphics card is mid-range and okay for most games. In my perfect world, HP would give options or just offer the much better gtx-960 instead of 950 for base. You should get the 512GB SSD if you’re gonna buy a $1000+ laptop, otherwise you just wasted all your money because your laptop is only as fast as your slowest component and these days it’s the hard drive for most computers. Again, HP trying to save money and won’t be offering the faster PCIE SSDs, only SATAIII SSDs, but any SSD is going to be better than a 2TB spinning drive any day. Plus if you Really need 2TB, which is ridiculous, just get an external, you’re probably hoarding pictures or videos you don’t need to watch everyday anyways. Everything else is top of the line/you won’t need better.

    The hope is that HP tested these specs and found the perfect combination that is better than the sum of its parts. I would say it delivers for 90% of people. For those 10% who can’t be satisfied, you probably know enough not to buy this laptop in the first place anyway. Fast speed, good battery life, good balance of weight/size and performance, and good build quality except for the keyboard which HP always fucks up for some reason even on a 17in model. Love the disc drive. Love the dual band wifi, love the ports, okay backlit keys, love the num pad, love the speakers, okay webcam, okay screen, love the fingerprint reader, okay trackpad. ONE KIND OF BIG problem for this model is the heat sink, which is directed in the middle of the chasis pointing towards the Bottom, and does Not disperse heat as well as the 15in model (which direct heat to the left side of the laptop). This becomes an issue in hot rooms or playing games, this is not even a cost issue, just poor design from HP.

    HP is the best. I say that because it offers above average laptops (but not the best) at Phenomenal prices, you will Never find a machine with this spec and quality for this price anywhere else. I miss the old days (when people still buy laptops and companies like HP and Dell would pour money into well-designed laptops) when HP gives you amazing customization options (now you are lucky you can choose the HD size and screen) but I guess it’s not profitable anymore (I digress). In closing, buy this laptop if you want a true performance machine for a great bargain price. You can keep it for 5 years at least if you take good care of it.

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