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E Fun’s Nextbook NXW8QC16G is a contender in the lowest-end Windows tablet segment. This $150 slate has an 8″ display at 1280×800 pixels and the basic but usable for everyday tasks Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor. Unfortunately, the screen is based on TN panel technology, so it can’t provide as wide viewing angles as the IPS displays. RAM and storage are on the small side, with 1GB and 16GB capacity, respectively. These massively limit usability of pre-installed Windows 8.1. In this case, hardware can handle only very basic computing with a small numbers of browser tabs and apps opened simultaneously and you can install a very limited number of apps from the Windows Store. At least, you can expand storage via a microSD card slot with up to 64GB.

With the specs and price, (especially Black Friday $50 discount at Walmart), the Nextbook NXW8QC16G competes against the 100-dollar HP Stream 7 with a 7″ display. The Stream 7 is equipped with IPS and 32GB storage, but the Nextbook adds a micro HDMI video output as an extra feature.

Nextbook NXW8QC16G 8 Tablet 16GB Windows-8_1

The tablet has dual cameras. The rear cam sports a 2MP sensor, while the front shooter has a 0.3MP one. There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and a micro USB port. The battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh. We have no info on battery life nor dimensions and weight of the slate.

A free 1-year subscription for Office 365 Personal software suite is included in price.

E Fun offers a 10.1″ variant too. It is definitely a better buying choice, since it delivers 32GB of internal storage and a keyboard dock for only $30 more.

Specifications of the Nextbook NXW8QC16G

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Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1280×800 pixels (HD)



Other Display Specs

TN display tech (narrower viewing angles than IPS)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core 1.33-1.83GHz 2MB cache (User Benchmark CPU score: 13)

System Memory (RAM)




DVD Optical Drive


Graphics (GPU)

Intel HD integrated graphics of low-end CPUs (User Benchmark GPU score: 1 – 2)




Front + rear



Ethernet LAN


Mobile Broadband (3G, 4G LTE)





1 x micro USB 2.0

Video Ports

1 x micro HDMI

Media Card Reader

Yes (MicroSD)

Other Features

Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription for free


4000 mAh

Windows Version

Windows 8.1 (Eligable for free upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Check for more info.)



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Written by Dan Z on October 31, 2014

User reviews, comments, and Q&A on the Nextbook NXW8QC16G

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2.33 out of 5
(3 user reviews) Nextbook NXW8QC16G

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    scott pritchard

    I dont even own one of these things, but just try fixing something that went wrong….Good Luck…there is virtually no support for these pieces of sh*t….I encourage you to stay far far away from these thing…they are not worth the headache

  2. Martha Robinson

    I need to have the charger port replaced. My regular computer repairman said he couldn’t do it that it would have to be sent back to the factory. Need info on what to do.

  3. Arlyn

    I buy this window tablet 16gb. But in a few days i use it. 49 percent of remaining battery, when shut off. Another days, it’s shut off again even 60 percent of battery left. It’s only 15 days when i buy it. May i know what is the problem of my tablet? Thanks

  4. Ravi

    Thank you Dawn your solution worked.

    At the password screen tap the icon in the lower left corner then hit on screen keyboard. Make it bigger by stretching from lower left corner. Hit shift 30-40 times then hit the power icon in the right corner of the screen then hit restart. Then it should take u to the options to troubleshoot then factory reset. It worked for me.

  5. John

    I tried hard reseting my tablet by holding volume down and power but no screen poped up just went str8 to the password screen

  6. Susan

    I have a next book model number nxw8qc16g. It will not turn on it should be fully charged.What can I do?

    • Danijel Z

      That appears to be a common problem with this Nextbook. I advise you to contact their or your seller’s support and ask for a solution.

  7. Rated 3 out of 5


    how do i do a hard factory reset i forgot my password

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      Generally, you can enter the factory reset feature on all Windows 8 tablets by holding Volume Down key while powering on the tablet (Power + Volume Down). Then choose Troubleshoot option on the screen and tap Reset PC option. I assume you know your personal files will be lost after the reset.

      • John

        Does not work…..does the same thing as holding volume up also. or home key….ive tried it all…there has got to be a solution somewhere…..

    • Dawn

      At the password screen tap the icon in the lower left corner then hit on screen keyboard. Make it bigger. Hit shift til it locks then hit the power icon in the right corner of the screen then hit restart. Then it should take u to the options to troubleshoot then factory reset. It worked for me.

      • John

        Dawn you’re a flipping genious….the only one in the tech world that had the solution…’re awesome

      • Ted

        It is stuck between the, Automatic repair And diagnosing your PC. It goes back-and-forth but it’s like in the loop.

  8. Rated 3 out of 5



    just a question…. does anyone else have a problem with the lcd where when looking at tab in landscape with volume key at top left the lcd from right it inverts and look from left its fine ? w the right eye stuffs out.. flip tab then left eye same thing … ???

    • Danijel Z

      The tablet has a TN-based LCD panel as opposed to IPS, so color inversion at certain viewing angles is usual.


    MY notebook will not power up what can I do?

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      Are you maybe referring to the Netxbook 10.1?
      In the Q&A section of that page, you can see other folks have problems with powering up, too. Solution is still unknown. It appears to be a wide-spread problem, so I would recommend contacting your seller and ask for support.

  10. Marie

    Can you give me the specific wire/connector that I need to use to connect my nextbook to hdmi tv? Thanks

  11. hugo

    porque no quiere prender mi tablet

  12. marco

    tengo un problema con mi tablet Nextbook NXW8QC16G, pues no quiere entrar, no inicia solo me aparecen una letras que dicen ´´PREPARANDO REPARACIÓN AUTOMÁTICA´´ Y SE QUEDA AHI durante horas y no hace nada , que puedo hacer ? ayudaaa!!

    • marco

      I have a problem with my tablet Nextbook NXW8QC16G , not wanting to get in, I just started not appear over letters that say ”PREPARANDO REPAIR AND STAYS THERE AUTOMÁTICA” for hours and do nothing, I can do ? help me

  13. Sonny S

    Can the internal 1gb memory be upgraded to more memory?

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      No, unfortunately. RAM isn’t upgradeable on the NextBook and other similar tablets.

  14. Barbara Sharp

    Can use use a headset and listen to books on this device? We gave wifi will this work without additional charges.

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      Yes, it has a standard 3.5mm audio jack you can find on virtually all modern tablets and laptops. So you’ll be able to listen books and music. The tablet uses Wi-Fi connection to get you online, so if you already have working Wi-Fi, you will not need any other additional connection and accomanying costs.

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