Top Web Browsers Benchmarked on Laptop – Chrome Fastest

It this test, we did a performance benchmark of the most popular web browsers. We did the comparison on one of lower-end processors used in laptops, the AMD E-450.

On higher-end notebooks, the difference between web surfing speed using different browsers is much less noticeable than on the slower ones, especially netbooks. So, we conducted this test to show you how web browser selection can help you do web surfing more smooth on a lower-performance machine, such as those cheap AMD E-series based Black Friday laptops.

For this test, we have used Peacekeeper browser benchmark tool, the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple’s Safari, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS, and the recently reviewed Asus K53U laptop with the dual-core E-450 and 4GB of RAM.

PeaceKeeper web browser bechmark on laptop - total

These are results of PeaceKeeper web browser bechmark, done on a laptop with the AMD E-450 chip.

As you can see, the fastest is Google Chrome. It’s slightly faster than Opera. There’s a larger gap between the vice-champion and 3rd Safari. It’s followed by 32-bit Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and their 64-bit versions. It’s interesting that available 64-bit editions lag behind their 32-bit counterparts.

For a more detailed info on the web browser benchmark, take a look at the table below.

PeaceKeeper Browser Bechmark on Laptop - Detailed

These are detailed results of PeaceKeeper web browser benchmark, tested on a laptop.

That was the synthetic benchmark. When it comes to real world use, our experience is that Google Chrome and Opera are really faster when you load and scroll web pages, and switch between browser tabs. So, choose one of these two for a faster web browsing on a lower-end laptop. If you still want to use Firefox or Explorer, avoid 64-bit versions.

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  1. Confirming what we already knew. Chrome is used on all of our business laptops and for customer reinstalls. We have had a 2/3rd drop in virus infections since switching to Chrome. Well worth the change if you are still using Internet Explorer.

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