Intel Core i7-7700HQ High-End Quad-Core Laptop Processor

Intel Core i7-7700HQ

The Intel Core i7-7700HQ is one of the fastest laptop processors (CPUs). It belongs to the 7th Generation Intel Core CPU family and can be found in many gaming and high-performance notebooks from 2017. A typical i7-7700HQ-equipped laptop has a 15.6″ or larger display, a dedicated high-performance video card for gaming and and other graphics rendering purposes, and a robust cooling system for handling heat of the powerful and generally hot-running components.

In comparison to the previous-generation Core i7-6700HQ, the i7-7700HQ provides higher operational speeds of 2.8 to 3.8 GHz, depending on usage, as opposed to 2.6-to-3.5 GHz. They both feature four computing cores, whereas the more common mainstream laptop chips feature two. That’s the main reason why the i7-7700HQ and other quad-core i7s can achieve far better benchmark results than the more widely used dual-core i7 and other mainstream CPUs. However, in many ordinary computing scenarios which don’t require a powerful processor, the difference between dual and quad core parts isn’t significant performance-wise. It’s more noticeable in highly-demanding tasks like media production and hard-core gaming. On the negative side, the i7-7700HQ and similar CPUs have power consumption rated at 45 Watts, while the corresponding dual-core i7-7500U and similar consume only 15 W, generate significantly less heat, and are therefore suitable for thinner notebooks with longer battery lives.

Intel Core i7-7700HQ Benchmark

Intel Core i7-7700HQ Benchmark

As you can see, the i7-7700HQ is near the top on the laptop CPU benchmark list. It’s very close to the enthusiast-oriented and overclockable, but rarely used, i7 HK series.

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Processor Name

Intel Core i7-7700HQ

CPU Family

7th Generation Intel Core “Kaby Lake”

Number of Cores


CPU Clock Speed


Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR3 1600MHz, DDR4 2133MHz, DDR4 2400MHz

Integrated Graphics

Intel HD 630

Power Consumption


Production Technology


Typical Use

Gaming & High-Performance Laptops


Intel HyperThreading, Intel QuickSync, Intel TurboBoost, VT-d Virtualization, VT-x Virtualization

PassMark CPU Test Score


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    ola – February 5, 2018:

    I am so happy with my laptop’s performance

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