Intel Core i7-5700HQ High-End Quad-Core Processor

The Intel Core i7-5700HQ is a high-end processor for laptops. It belongs to the 14-nanometer 5th Generation Core “Broadwell” series for 2015, which replaced 22nm 4th Gen Core “Haswell”. The i7-5700HQ can be found in select gaming notebooks, but it is also designed for use in other high-performance consumer laptops and professional-class mobile workstations.

Intel Core i7-5700HQ Benchmark

Intel Core i7-5700HQ Benchmark

The i7-5700HQ replaced the i7-4720HQ released earlier this year. The Broadwell part delivers somewhat better results in PassMark CPU benchmark. What’s missing are tests of its Intel HD 5600 integrated graphics, which replaced the HD 4600 of “Haswell” chips. The HD 5600 is expected to deliver noticeable performance boost over its precursor. This isn’t especially important, since laptops with the quad-core i7 CPUs usually have much faster dedicated video cards for graphics computing purposes. Another important aspect is power consumption. The i7-5700HQ has a Thermal Design Power of 47 Watts just like the i7-4xxxHQ series. But, the newer version introduces Configurable TDP-down frequency (600MHz) which reduces power consumption to 37-Watts and also degrades performance.

What’s also new in the i7 is support for 1866MHz memory, up from previous maximal 1600MHz.

Laptops with the i7-5700HQ.

Specifications of the Intel Core i7-5700HQ

Here's the specs sheet of the Intel Core i7-5700HQ:

Processor Name

Intel Core i7-5700HQ

CPU Family

5th Generation Intel Core "Broadwell"

Number of Cores

Quad-core / 2 threads per core

CPU Clock Speed


Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR3 1333MHz
DDR3 1600MHz
DDR3 1866MHz

Integrated Graphics

Intel HD 5600

Power Consumption


Production Technology


Typical Use

Gaming & High-Performance Laptops


Intel HyperThreading
Intel QuickSync
Intel TurboBoost
VT-d Virtualization
VT-x Virtualization

User Benchmark Average CPU Score



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  1. colin

    can i replace my i5 5200u wiht a i7 chip

    • Danijel Z

      The i5-5200U uses a BGA socket, meaning it is soldered on the motherboard. In theory you can unsolder the i5 and replace it with a Core i7-5500U / 5600U if your laptop’s BIOS supports it, but that requires a lot of work and will most likely void your warranty. For sure, you can’t replace the i5 with a quad-core i7 like the 5700HQ since they use different sockets and have different power requirements.

  2. Jerome

    Typo in Benchmark Chart. It is listing the i7-5700HQ as i5-5700HQ

    • Jerome

      LOL, disregard. Dirty monitor

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