Eleksen WDM Integrates Windows SideShow into Bags

Eleksen Wearable Display Module (WDM)Eleksen Group unveiled the Microsoft Windows SideShow based Wearable Display Module (WDM), a computer auxiliary display product for integration into soft-goods such as bags, backpacks and clothing. The Wearable Display Module, showcased at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, lets consumers connect their carry cases directly to their computer with Windows Vista installed and view critical glance data like email, appointments and other information from the bags exterior on the go, without needing to open the bag or access the computing device.

Eleksen Wearable Display Module WDMThe Eleksen Wearable Display Module is comprised of a 2.46 inch Active TFT LCD screen and 1 GB of storage for data. The WDM is controlled by an ElekTex interactive fabric touchpad with 7-button controls including a dedicated MENU and BACK button as well as 4 navigation buttons and a GO button.

Available either as a reference design or a ready-to-integrate module for bag manufacturers, orders for the WDM will be taken directly from Eleksen in January 2007, according to the company’s press release.

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