Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Waterproof Slate Goes on Sale in Japan for $779

Fujitsu Arrows Tab FAR70A, FAR75A

Fujitsu Arrows Tab FAR70A, FAR75A

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab, a waterproof Android tablet, has been put on sale in Japan. With prices of ¥59,800 ($779) for the 16GB FAR70A model and ¥67,800 ($883) for the 32GB FAR75A, the ARROWS Tab offers a 10.1″ multitouch display, OMAP4 1GHz dual-core processor, and Android Honeycomb, all packed into a water-resistant case.

Waterproof tablets are usually reserved for work environments, but this one is designed to keep internals dry during use in bathtubs and kitchens. The ARROWS is DLNA compatible and comes with Dolby Mobile audio, so it’s clearly an entertainment-oriented consumer device.

On the back of the slate, there’s a 5MP camera, while on the front Fujitsu ARROWS Tab has a 1.3MP sensor, which is used for motion gesture support, besides video chats. The ARROWS connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and also has Bluetooth, GPS, and a fingerprint reader.

It weighs 599g and has dimensions of 181 × 262 × 11.3 mm.

The battery is good for up to 10 hours of video playback, according to Fujitsu.

There’s no official word on availability in the US, but the company sent the device to FCC in September last year, meaning that it will very likely hit the stores States-side.

A mobile broadband version of the tablet has been already available since a couple of months ago in Japan via Docomo.

The tablet was on display at the 2012 CES. Check out the Slashgear’s video below:

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  1. Tye device is running android version 4.0.3 so How to upgrade the Fujitsu arrows android version.
    And what adroid versions for the fujitsu arrow are avialable?

  2. I know it’s supposed to be waterproof, but my goodness is it expensive!!
    Would have been a more attractive proposition if it included a Terga3 and ICS at that price, at least.

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