How to Move Email from Junk Folder to Inbox in Outlook of Windows 11

In the default Microsoft Outlook email client of Windows 11, an important incoming email may sometimes end up as spam in the Junk Email folder by mistake. Here’s how you can move an email from the Junk folder to the regular Inbox and prevent the same issue occurring again for the sender wrongfully marked as a spammer.

  • Go to the Junk Email folder by clicking on it on the Outlook’s left sidebar.
  • On the Junk email list, find the email you want to move to the Inbox folder and click on the email to open it.
  • Right click on the three-dot icon, located on the right side of the email’s header area.
  • Select Report from the pop-up menu and select the Not Junk option.

Move Email from Junk folder to Inbox in Windows Outlook

This will move the email to the Inbox folder.

Furthermore, you will be prompted with a Report not junk message. It allows you to mark the sender of the email as a trustworthy sender, so his future emails don’t end up in the Junk.

  • Make sure the Never send future messages from {} to the Junk folder checkbox is checked and click on the OK button.

Windows Outlook - Report No Junk

From now on, all future emails from the sender will arrive directly to your Inbox.

That’s it.

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