Intel Core i5-5200U [Review] Mid-Tier Processor

The Intel Core i5-5200U is an important name in the world of notebook processors, since it is among the most popular chips. That’s understandable since it is a prime example of a mid-range CPU, widely used in numerous laptop configurations. The i5-5200U sits in the middle of the latest 5th Generation Intel Core “Broadwell” CPU range, between the i3-5010U and i7-5500U. Broadwell is known for its great power efficiency and better performance-per-watt ratio than on the previous Intel’s 4th Gen Core i5-4xx0U and similar parts by AMD.

The processor has two cores running at 2.2-2.7GHz. Alongside TurboBoost technology for clock speed increase depending on usage scenario, the i5-5200U supports HyperThreading, which allows two computing treads per core.
Intel Core i5-5200U Benchmark
The chip has a PassMark benchmark score of roughly 3,600 points. The result confirms the mid-range nature of the i5-5200U. In the real world use, it provides flawless and fast completion of the daily computing tasks of the home and office users. More demanding stuff like editing of high-resolution photography and Full HD movie creation can be done on the i5-5200U, but for these tasks the i7 parts are more optimal solution, especially the quad-core i7.

The chip has built-in Intel HD 5500-series integrated graphics, which can be used for occasional web games, MMORPGs, and select first person shooter and racing titles on low graphics settings. High-resolution video playback, including 1080p Full HD and 2160p Ultra HD 4K, is supported without taxing the CPU much.

Real World Use Test

For the Intel Core i5-5200U real world-use test, we used an Acer Aspire E5 notebook. Alongside the i5 CPU, it features 8GB of system memory, a lower-end SandDisk solid state drive which is nevertheless way faster than any traditional HDD, and Windows 8.1 operating system.

In the video below, you can see what working on a laptop with the i5-5200U looks like. Tasks that run flawlessly on the tested system are file browsing, Web browsing with many heavy web pages opened, editing of multiple Word and Excel documents simultaneously, large .pdf document reading, large .jpg image editing, and audio and video playback. On the other hand, Java-based Minecraft game and Microsoft’s free and popular Movie Maker video editing program loaded the CPU quite a bit. But, Minecraft, as same as many other games reviewed here, runs flawlessly on the i5-5200U and its Intel HD 5500 IGP. It’s worth noting the i5-5200U and many other Intel CPUs feature QuickSync technology for faster video editing and conversion, but Movie Maker isn’t on the list of programs supporting it.


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Specifications of the Intel Core i5-5200U

Here's the specs sheet of the Intel Core i5-5200U:

Processor Name

Intel Core i5-5200U

CPU Family

5th Generation Intel Core "Broadwell"

Number of Cores

Dual-core / 2 threads per core

CPU Clock Speed


Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR3 1333MHz
DDR3 1600MHz

Integrated Graphics

Intel HD 5500

Power Consumption


Production Technology



Intel HyperThreading
Intel QuickSync Video
Intel TurboBoost
VT-d virtualization
VT-x virtualization

Typical Use

Mainstream laptops & 2-in-1 PCs

User Benchmark Average CPU Score



Written by Dan Z on March 27, 2015

User reviews, comments, and Q&A on the Intel Core i5-5200U

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3.50 out of 5
(2 user reviews) Intel Core i5-5200U

  1. Auff

    I don’t understand. Why my utilization is always 50% even when I am only using chrome. I know this is an old processor but what can I do.I am in a third world country. Can anyone help me out?

  2. ahmad

    How would this processor fair with music production/real time audio?

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      I use the same CPU for Ableton Live. Usually I have around 8 to 10 tracks of audio and midi combined and CPU usage is around 35 % (Ableton alone), so there’s enough headroom for my audio work. The only problem I noticed are occasional crackling sounds when using multiple instances of Diva VST synth plugin, but that’s probably solvable with buffer settings. Wav file exports are decently fast (I think less than 30 seconds for a 5-6 minute song export to wav 44100 Hz / 16 bit), but of course with a quad-core i5 or i7 it would be noticeably faster.

  3. Gyula Gál

    I am about to buy an HP Probook and I have 2 options:

    or the Probook G3 (newer model) with i5-6200U (with integrated 520HD)

    or (the older version) G2 with i5-5200U (with integrated 5500HD)

    The rest specs are all the same: 12GB (8+4) RAM, 128 GB SSD

    Is the 6200U version worth more with 150 € as this is the price difference between them?!?! (The ram type is DDR3 in both cases so the DDR4 handling advantage of the 6200U will not play here at all.)

    The main purpose of this laptop will be working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator but only with images (no videos, no 3D) that is why I will not go with dedicated GPU, but only with the integrated Intel ones.

    THX for replying me.

    • Danijel Z

      right now i’m using the 5200u for similar purposes plus video editing. also used the 6200u for a couple of weeks (you can read the review on this site) and didn’t notice any big difference. so i would get the 5200u and save &150.

      • Gyula Gal

        Thx for the fast reply

  4. Nathan H

    Assuming that you had at least an Nvidia GT 840 2gb, how well would this perform in FPS shooters?

  5. Swaps

    I don’t have much knowledge about this,so can you tell me that the processor itself contains Intel HD 520 graphics????

    • Danijel Z

      The i5-5200U contains the Intel HD 5500.

      The HD 520 is integrated in the recently released i5-6200U.

  6. Peter

    Is 70 C temperature while gaming normal for this processor?

    • Danijel Z

      Danijel Z

      I would say yes. The reason we didn’t include temperature test in the review is that it varies depending on laptop model it is used in. On our Acer E5-771G review unit, which has a relatively small vent and vent hole and cramped (thin) body, the temp reached around 70 degrees Celsius in gaming. During light use web use it was around 50 C.

    • Rated 3 out of 5


      That’s really thinking at an imseipsrve level

  7. Danijel Z
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Danijel Z

    Because of its performance, described under the Description section of this page, it gets four stars.

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