Intel Core M-5Y70 / M-5Y71 Energy-Efficient and Fast CPU

Intel Core M 5Y70 5Y71 Broadwell

The Intel Core M-5Y70 / M-5Y71 “Broadwell” dual-core processor is all about energy efficiency and low heat. Still, it manages to provide similar performance to the mid-range Intel Core i3 and i5 U-series “Broadwell” processors such as the i3-4010U and i5-5200U.

Intel Core M 5Y70 5Y71 Benchmark

That’s a big success since the Intel Core M-5Y70 / M-5Y71 consumes only 4.5 Watts of power, whereas the Core U consumes 15W. As a downside, the Core M features the Intel HD 5300 integrated graphics instead of somewhat faster HD 5500 found on the Core U. Both GPUs, however, aren’t designed for gaming, but they can run some lighter titles.

The excellent thermal characteristics allow the Core M to be used in extremely thin notebooks, with some of them boasting a completely silent fanless design.

The difference between the 5Y70 and 5Y71 are clock speeds. The former runs at between 1.1 and 2.6 GHz, while the latter is clocked at 1.3 – 2.9 GHz. Also the 5Y71 has slightly faster maximal graphics clock of 900MHz versus 850MHz.

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Processor Name

Intel Core M-5Y70 / M-5Y71

CPU Family

Intel Core M “Broadwell”

Number of Cores


CPU Clock Speed

M-5Y70: 1.1-2.6GHz, M-5Y71: 1.3-2.9GHz

Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR3 1333MHz, DDR3 1600MHz

Integrated Graphics

Intel HD 5300

Power Consumption


Production Technology


Typical Use

Thin-and-Light Laptops & 2-in-1 PCs


Intel HyperThreading, Intel QuickSync, Intel TurboBoost, VT-d Virtualization, VT-x Virtualization

PassMark CPU Test Score

M-5Y70: 3000, M-5Y71: 3100

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