Lenovo Y50 / Y40 Slim Gaming Laptops Now Available

Lenovo Y50 / Y40

Among gaming laptop models for this year, the Lenovo Y50 and Y40 announced back in January at the CES Show are among the most anticipated. That’s because they pack the latest graphics cards in a slim laptop form factor. The good news for those who waited for them is that the Y50 15.6-incher and 14″ Y40 are now available for purchase.

The Y50 is equipped with the recently announced Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M dedicated video card and full-blown Intel qaud-core i7 “Haswell” processor. On the other side, the Y40 has the AMD Radeon R9-M270 discrete graphics and the power-efficient and cooler but also slower Intel Core i7 “Haswell” dual-core ultra-low voltage. Both graphics solutions are available with 2GB or 4GB of GDDR5 video memory. In comparison to its Y510p precursor, the Y50 isn’t so flexible in terms of graphics configuration, because it doesn’t have a built-in Ultrabay which can be populated with an additional video card or DVD burner. The Y40 also has no Ultrabay, which served for a DVD drive or additional cooling fan on the Y410p from 2013.

On the positive side, ditching the Ultrabay helped Lenovo to significantly slim down the gaming laptop lineup. The new machines measure 0.9″ in profile, down from 1.4″. It will be interesting to see the upcoming reviews of the laptops and how Lenovo has managed the heat, because the notebooks pack generally powerful and fairly hot components in such a constrained space.

The standard screen resolution is 1920×1080 on both models. Additionally, the Y50 is optionally available with touchscreen. A 4K Ultra HD 3840-by-2160-pixel display option is expected to arrive soon on the 15.6″ version.

The Y50 / Y40 are equipped with up to 16GB of system memory, various hard drive, solid state drive, and hybrid storage choices, backlight keyboards, JBL stereo speakers, HDMI out, and three USB ports.

The notebooks are encased in black textured cases.

The Lenovo Y50 models offered via Lenovo start at $1,299, while the smaller version is $1,099 and up. It had been announced previously that they’ll start at below $1000, so our guess is that more (cheaper and modestly specced) models are on the way.

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  2. I’m wondering the same thing. Some say the 2GB is Maxwell and 4GB is Kepler, but the MSI Ghost with 860M 2GB is Kepler. Confused. Why they didn’t name these two basically different products differently? Bloody marketing….


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