HP Launches Envy Laptop with Control Zone Touchpad

HP ENVY TouchSmart with Control Zone Touchpad

Hewlett-Packard has launched a new Envy TouchSmart consumer-oriented laptop model, with an interestingly designed touchpad as the most remarkable novelty. The trackpad and accompanying technology are called HP Control Zone. It’s already used on the Spectre 13 ultrabook and supports extra multitouch gestures for easier interaction with Windows 8 and apps as shown in the video below:

Besides the Control Zone, for input there’s a touchscreen display and a chiclet-style keyboard with numeric pad and backlight. All details of the new series are unknown at the time of this writing. For now, we have info only for the m6-n010dx model which is listed as a new arrival at Best Buy. The 1.2″ thick m6-n010dx with a weight of 6.1 pounds is based on the AMD A10-5750M quad-core processor with the Radeon HD 8650G integrated graphics. According to the product description, it’s constructed of glass-fiber and has a soft-touch finish in silver color. The laptop is priced at $630 and for the money it also delivers a 750GB hard drive and 6GB of RAM. The screen resolution is 1366×678. The optical drive is omitted.

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14 thoughts on “HP Launches Envy Laptop with Control Zone Touchpad”

  1. This is the worst design ever. Makes this computer a hell to use. How about I smash it with a hammer and tag HP in my YouTube video posted on social networks? I already had it exchanged once: the HP guy came to my home and took the touchpad out and put a new in, while the computer was still under warranty. And now I am using mouse again, because the touchpad cannot be trusted. The cursor just does not move where I want it to move, nor does it click on what I want it to click. Instead it starts moving around on its own and opening and closing stuff, resizing screen, doing things I did not permit it to do. That renders the computer without a mouse literally unusable. HP should recall the entire Envy line and issue refunds. This is what class-action suits are made off.

    1. I agree totally. I bought a new Envy laptop, and the touchpad is hell to use. I have no idea whatn the different parts do, but they all do whatever they want, so it seems. The click works differently for almost everything I open, from word to Google. Often I get the source code? I wish this idea of super smart super sensitive touchpad concept should have been left in the designer;s concept computer. Often I also feel like stomping on it, except for the money wasted.

  2. Control zone touchpad is causing me MAJOR HEADACHES. my computer is less than a year old, was too expensive to be dealing with this control pad. Buying a new computer (not an HP) because of this. Cursor jumps all over and opens internet pages on its own – sometimes as many as 50 websites before I can get the PC to just turn off.

  3. My new hp envy x360 m6 convertible touchpad is not working just on the second day of use after ordering… the mouse is not visible. I am only using the touch and its not cool

    please let me know what to do
    product number: M1V69UA#ABA

  4. I HATE control zone on the HP I was able to disable it via control panel – now I am using WIndows 10, and I can not disable conrol zone – I am going crazy – my cursor jumps all over the screen – I am losing productivity, and making huge spelling errors in gmail!!

    I called HP support today, and with WIndows 10 instead of going to ther window icon, clicking on settings, then mouse, the rep directed me to go to the search bar and type in control panel to search for the control panel app in Windows 10- then I was able to go to Device Manager and disable the synaptics touchpad.
    This worked for a while, then I restarted my computer, and the control zone touchpad was back!!!
    I got frustrated and uninstalled synaptics through control panel- the damn control zone, touchpad is still here!
    I really, really, hate this control zone. Even if I double tap on the top left hand corner – it will turn off for a bit, but as soon as my palm rests too long the the dreaded control zone – it is back!!!!!!

    1. I literally taped a mousepad over control zone – and finally got it to quit working!!! So lame!!!

  5. I have the envy touchsmart 15 inch. and i hate the control zone. it glitched as soon as i started using the computer. i always use a mouse. i dont know why it does it but its a huge problem. i will try to click on something and the computer will go crazy and close windows. not a fan at all.

  6. Is there anyway to turn off the control zone touch pad on an Envy 17 inch laptop and use a mouse instead? Thanks.

    1. As far as I know, to disable the touchpad you can:

      1. double tap the upper left corner of the touchpad (this action disables and enables it) or
      2. Go to Control Panel / Mouse / touchpad tab and uncheck the Enable checkbox.

  7. My new HP Envy 14T laptop’s touchpad apparently doesn’t have a right-click function, so I guess I’ll have to buy the wireless mouse-keyboard accessory, just to make it work, unfortunately.

  8. Don’t buy this the control zone is gitchy because of its size your palms will touch the track pad while you type and cause a massive head ache having to go back and fourth fixing errors.

    1. Control Zone touchpad is a major headache. Cursor jumps all over screen. Also keyboard requires hitting key in the middle with a sharp touch. Does not work for fast touch typist.

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