Intel Core i7-10750H (10th Gen) High-End Laptop Processor

The 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H is a high-end laptop processor released in 2020. You can usually find it in high-performance laptops aimed at gamers, digital media creators, and pros. The i7-10750H belongs to the 45-Watt Intel Core H processor family, as opposed to the 15-Watt Core U and G you can find in standard mainstream laptops. With its six processing cores, the i7-10750H is one level above the quad-core i5-10300H, which is another popular Intel Core H-series CPU. These 45-Watt processors run hotter and consume more power than their 15-Watt counterparts. But, they also provide generally better performance, especially in tasks that require a constant and prolonged high processor load. For instance, in intensive gameplays or video file conversions.

As for AMD, the company’s direct competitors of the Intel i7-10750H in the high-performance laptop processor category are the AMD Ryzen 7 H and Ryzen 9 HS-series chips.

The Core i7-10750H features the basic Intel UHD graphics processor, good only for rendering of light PC games. However, laptops with the i7-10750H typically come with dedicated video cards for smooth gaming anyway.

Intel Core i7-10750H Benchmark

Intel Core i7-10750H Benchmark

As expected, benchmarks of the Intel Core i7-10750H confirm it’s one of the fastest laptop processors on the market.

Note: The benchmark scores of the listed processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the Intel Core i7-10750H and compared CPUs may vary depending on the notebooks' other components, settings, cooling, and other factors. However, the benchmark results are good indicators of the processors' performance.

Specifications of the Intel Core i7-10750H

Here are the most important specs of the Intel Core i7-10750H:

Processor Name

Intel Core i7-10750H

CPU Family

10th Generation Intel Core "Comet Lake"

Number of Cores

Six-core / 2 computing threads per core

CPU Clock Speed

2.6 – 5.0 GHz

Cache Size


Memory Support

DDR4 (2933 MHz max. speed)

Integrated Graphics

Intel UHD 630

Power Consumption

45 Watts

Production Technology


Typical Use

Gaming & high-performance laptops

Notable Technologies

Intel HyperThreading (enables two computing threads per physical processor core)
Intel QuickSync Video (speeds up conversion of video files)
Intel TurboBoost (dynamically boosts performance of cores, depending on power and thermal headroom)
Virtualization – allows the processor to run multiple operating systems simultaneously using virtual platforms

Year of Release


Published on June 7, 2020

User Reviews and Q&A on the Intel Core i7-10750H

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  1. 1 out of 5 OH MY GOD SO MANY LIES


    People don’t believe on this site please do your own research just by watching youtube videos and will find that this chip( i7 10750h) is trash compared to ryzen 5 4600h which is rated lower in his benchmark and like what is this benchmark you haven’t even labelled it,it is just showing some random no. And you just showed us a ladder that it is on the top. Please stop making fools out of people

    • Dan

      Hi, these are User Benchmark CPU scores ( from May 2020, as stated on the image. These were the results, with the i7-10750H having a better score than the Ryzen 5 4600H. Today, scores are 85 and 79, respectively, so the i7 still ranks better (

      Of course, in some other tests that are not mentioned here, it’s possible that the 5 4600U scores better than the i7-10750H. But also, there are other test showing the i7 has a lead.

    • i7 generation list

      Buena web. Gracias Saludos

    • Userbenchmarkisfake is known to manipulate scores to make ryzen look worse.

    • chris

      sounds like angry amd fanboy asian gobbler noise ^

    • Brad Cool

      Who gets triggered that much over cpu benchmark scores. The 4000 series and 10 series are both great. Chill

    • D. Santos

      ^True Story … My MSI GE 75 Raider has the I7-10750H w/ RTX 2080 Super and all I know is my laptop plays anything I throw it.. Both the CPU and GPU have treated me right so I’m happy with it. I have owned Intel and AMD products and only care about the chips ability to do what I need it to but in my experience the info in this article is accurate.. jus sayin…

    • Mostk28

      My Lenovo legion with i7-10750 works awesome with new games using only 45% of the processor capacity so I think is true thanks very accurate website

    • Bagi

      The Dell Inspiron i7 10th gen. is the Best laptop!

    • Casian

      Bruh all of you that think i7 10750H is trash consider testing it first.
      I have a laptop with a GTX 1660 Ti 16gb ram and an i7 10750H and it plays anything i throw it. Please reconsider all of your life choices.

    • ShoosterTheRooster

      UserBenchMark is a joke. If it isn’t owned by Intel, then it’s funded by them. Plenty of YT videos show their bias against AMD. For the record, I like Intel, I just don’t like being mislead or lied to.


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