New: Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M, 670M, 660M; GT 650M, 640M, 620M

Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M
Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M "Kepler" GPU

Nvidia has added recently new dedicated laptop video card models to the GeForce 600M line.

Besides the previously released GT 635M, GT 630M, and 610M, which are just rebrands of their respective 500M series 40-nanometer GPUs, Nvidia now also offers the GeForce GTX 675M, GTX 670M, and GTX 660M for gaming laptops, as well as the GT 650M, GT 640M, GT 640M LE, and GT 620M for performance-class systems. The new video cards bring significant upgrade, because of transition from the 40nm to 28nm production process and new “Kepler” architecture. This enables better power efficiency and less heat, allowing higher graphics peformance and longer battery life in laptops with these chips. UPDATE: The GTX 675M and 670M are still 40nm chips. Thanks Jeremy Lee for pointing this out.

Here are specifications of all currently listed 600M GPUs on

GeForce Model CUDA Cores Graphics Clock
Texture Fill Rate
Memory Interface Memory Bandwidth
GTX 675M 384 620 39.7 256-bit GDDR5 96 Yes, 2-way
GTX 670M 336 598 33.5 192-bit GDDR5 72
GTX 660M 384 835 30.4 128-bit GDDR5 64
GT 650M 384 850 DDR3 / 735 GDDR5 up to 27.2 128-bit DDR3 /
up to 64 No
GT 640M 384 up to 625 up to 20 up to 64
GT 640M LE up to 384 up to 500 up to 16 up to 28.8
GT 635M 144 up to 675 up to 16.2 up to 192-bit DDR3 up to 43.2
GT 630M 96 up to 800 up to 12.8 up to 128-bit, DDR3 /
up to 32
GT 620M 96 up to 625 up to 10.0 up to 128-bit DDR3 up to 28.8
610M 48 up to 900 up to 7.2 64-bit DDR3 up to 14.4

Guys over at Hot Hardware have reviewed one of the Kepler cards – the GeForce GT 640M. According to them, the GT 640M is about 20% faster than the corresponding 500M model, the GT 555M. The new GPU also delivers much better power efficiency versus the previous geneneration graphics chip.

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  1. This article is misleading. The GTX 675M and GTX 670M are 40nm (Fermi) chips. The 660M is 28nm (Kepler)


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