Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5B-W01UB Chronos Laptop Up for Pre-Orders

The Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5B-W01UB is the first laptop from the new Chronos series in the US.

Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5B-W01UB

Available for pre-order now at Best Buy, the aluminum notebook with chiclet backlight keyboard packs a 15.6″ 1600×900 anti-glare display into a smaller than standard chassis size of common 14″ laptops, thanks to a very thin LCD bezel. The Series 7 NP700Z5B-W01UB comes with the new Core i7-2675QM quad-core 2.2GHz processor and AMD’s “Xeymour” 512MB dedicated graphics, according to Best Buy. Xeymour is actually a codename for Radeon HD 6000M video cards and you can also expect that the Series 7 includes AMD-branded switchable GPU solution, as it was announced at the official product launch.

The laptop has 8GB of on-board memory, allowing faster system boot and wake up, as well as 6GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive, a slot-load DVD burner, and 4G WiMAX mobile broadband.

The Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5B-W01UB is priced at $880.

Samsung is also expected to release 14″ and 15″ versions of the notebook.


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  1. I bought a Samsung NP7005b from Best Buy and have used it for two years now. It has been a piece of crap from the moment I got it. None of the Kies has ever connected with my Samsung TV or Samsung phone. The cursor jumps around the screen unless I disable the touchpad. (No, I am not touching the touchpad inadvertently.) None of the Samsung software that comes with the machine works properly.’

    I love my Samsung phone but will never buy another computer from Samsung.

  2. The touchpad is located too far to the left, causing frequent inadvertent touching during typing if the hands are to rest on the computer rather than hang in the air.
    There is a recovery disc, but it contains no reasonable drivers either for the graphics card, no wireless driver or and no usb driver. For someone used to a proper recovery disc this may come as an unpleasant usurprise when nothing works after doing a restore except for the CD. Another problem with recover is that the fast keys like turning off the laptop with Fn+F4 or turning up or down the volume with Fn+F8/F7 or turning up or down the brightness are also GONE ! Does anyone know where to fix this, because I don’t.
    The good side is its a fast computer, and the monitor seems to be subtle and less straining to the eyes.
    It does not have a socket for a microphone, and the microphone which is in the computer seems to produce loud noise when the processor fan is on, which makes voice communication very difficult sometimes.
    There is no button to eject the DVD/CD. You can only do it through the ready system… imagine if your battery was dead, and need to get it out.
    The Speakers… nothing special, rather weak.
    I really wanted to have a laptop with a monitor like that, but there are all these mentioned issues with this one.

  3. Is that keyboard cramped a lot? I mean, a numeric pad on a 14″ chassis is rare, if there’s such laptop at all.

    • There isn’t a numeric pad on the 14″. The Numeric Pad is on the 15 inch chassis with a 15.6 inch screen.

      There is the 13inch with the 14 screen
      There is the 14ihch with the 15 screen
      Then there is the 15inch with the 15.6 screen and numeric pad.

      • Thanks for the comment TheOne. I’ve corrected the post based on your explanation. I have omitted the fact that Samsung actually says the Series 7 “enables users to experience UP TO an extra inch of viewing”.

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